Formal versus Informal E-mails: E-mail Writing Tips for Business English

Formal versus informal emails for business writing

Formal versus informal e-mails in business English. What is the difference between formal and informal e-mails in business English? How do you write a formal e-mail or an informal e-mail?

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LinkedIn Content Ideas 2021: Winning Content Creation Ideas for LinkedIn

Are you looking for LinkedIn content ideas for 2021? As a professional, it’s really important that you build an online presence and post content on LinkedIn. 

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7 Reasons Why People Don’t Listen to You in Meetings

Why don't people listen to you in meetings

Do you know why people don’t listen to you in meetings? In business meetings, it can be difficult to get people to listen to you when you speak. 

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Why Do Less Qualified People Get the Job You Want?

Why do less qualified people get the job you want?

Have you ever been in a situation where somebody less qualified than you got promoted instead of you? Why do less qualified people get the job you want?

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Stand Out as a Leader! 7 Tips to Help You Stand Out as a Leader in the Workplace

How can you stand out as a leader in the workplace? Getting others to see you as a leader might be a complete mystery to you, especially if you’re in a leadership position for the first time.

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How to Share Your Ideas in Meetings: Contribute with Confidence in Meetings

How can you share your ideas in meetings? Sharing your ideas in meetings and contributing with confidence is a key skill that emerging leaders need to master.

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Top 5 Essential Leadership Skills

What are the top 5 essential leadership skills? When you’re an emerging leader, it’s critical that you equip yourself with leadership skills that will make you stand out in the workplace and help you fuel your growth in your leadership journey.

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Why Are Leadership Skills Important?

Why are leadership skills important?

Leadership skills are critical if you’re an ambitious professional and you want to move into leadership at some stage in your career. 

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How to Be Assertive When You Need to On-The-Spot: 5 Tips for Assertive Communication

How can you be assertive on-the-spot? Being assertive when you need to and on-the-spot can be challenging, especially if you’re coming from a more passive style of communication.

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Q&A: How to Build Your Personal Brand When Working Remotely (EP066)

How can you build your personal brand when working remotely? Building your personal brand while working remotely or working from home might be more challenging, but not impossible. 

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