EP043: Top Soft Skills You Need in a Post-Pandemic World

Top soft skills in a post-pandemic world

What are the top soft skills you need in a post-pandemic world? This year has certainly caused a lot of disruption in the business world and in our professional lives. This disruption has led to the rise of certain soft skills that are becoming more important in the workplace.

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EP042: How to Get Promoted in 2020 (Post-Pandemic)

How to get promoted in 2020 post-pandemic

How can you get promoted in 2020 during the pandemic? This year has certainly brought about many challenges for emerging leaders. Many employees have lost their jobs. Some have been forced to work from home. And a number of professionals who were expecting to get promoted this year have had their promotions put on hold.

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EP041: Stand Out By Building Strong Relationships in Business

how to build strong relationships in business

Most people at one stage or another in their career want to know how to build strong relationships in business. How do you get people to know you, like you and trust you in business? 

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EP040: Your Professional Image When You Work From Home

Your professional image when you work from home

How to maintain a professional image when you work from home. This is a question many emerging leaders are asking themselves in 2020. 

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EP039: Your Professional Image in the Workplace. Why Is It Important?

Why is your professional image important in the workplace? Why should people care what you wear to work? Your professional image and your appearance play an important role in your leadership brand and reputation. They send a message to your coworkers, boss and clients and also impact how you feel about yourself.

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EP038: Disagreement Deadlock? How to Get Out of One

In the workplace, you might come across a situation where you and a coworker have a difference of opinion. This is a situation where you and your colleague cannot agree on an issue. You’re in a disagreement deadlock. Disagreement deadlocks are difficult situations to be in. They can quickly lead to tension. They erode productivity […]

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EP037: How to Disagree Assertively With Someone at Work

How to disagree assertively with someone at work

Learning how to disagree assertively with someone at work is a key skill that emerging leaders need to master. As you climb higher in the corporate world, you need to make your opinion known. You need to look like an independent thinker if you want to establish the reputation as a leader. And disagreeing with […]

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EP036: Why Disagreeing Makes You Look Like a Leader

What are the benefits of disagreeing? Why do you need to disagree as a leader? Many people avoid disagreeing. It can be daunting, especially if you’re disagreeing with somebody more powerful than you. However, in leadership, it’s critical that you develop the skill to disagree when you need to and want to. 

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EP035: How to Become More Visible at Work (Without Being Self-Promotional)

How to become more visible at work is a question many emerging leaders ask. As you progress in your career and step up to leadership positions, it’s critical that you become more visible in the workplace. 

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EP034: How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn in 20 Minutes a Day

Many emerging leaders, job seekers and entrepreneurs want to be more visible on LinkedIn. It’s an incredibly important part of building your personal brand and online presence. When you build a strong personal brand online, it can lead to new job opportunities and clients. There are many ways you can increase your visibility on LinkedIn […]

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