Business Etiquette Tips for the Workplace: Dos and Don’ts for Job Success (EP053)

Do you want to learn the top business etiquette tips for the workplace in 2021? Business etiquette is an integral part of a well-functioning office.

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Q&A Can You Stop People Communicating Aggressively? (EP052)

Can you stop people communicating aggressively with you? This was a question I received from one of my video course students. You may have come across this situation yourself. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “how to deal with aggressive communicators” or “how to stop people communicating aggressively”. 

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What Happens When You Start to Set Boundaries? (EP051)

A common question when people start to set boundaries is: what happens when you set boundaries? How will other people react? Will they become aggressive with you? How should I respond? All of these questions are normal when you start to set boundaries.

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How to Start a Conversation at a Networking Event: Tips for Non-Awkward Conversations (EP050)

How do you start a conversation at a networking event? This is a common question many emerging leaders and young professionals ask. Networking events can be intimidating. However, they are incredibly important for you to meet important decision makers in your industry which can lead to promotions or new client opportunities.

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How to Start Talking to Anyone in Business (EP049)

How to talk to anyone in business is the topic of this week’s podcast episode. Many young professionals, emerging leaders and introverts hold back from talking to new people in business. They don’t know how to start a conversation with somebody new. They don’t know what to say or what questions to ask. In business, […]

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How to Make a Soft Voice Sound Confident (EP048)

How can you make a soft voice sound confident? This is a question I commonly receive from emerging leaders. Many people have a soft voice. And this can prevent you from sounding confident and assertive in business.  This is a situation that I’ve faced in my life, particularly in my early 20s. Since then I’ve […]

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Build a Strong Leadership Brand in 2021. New Strategies! EP047

How do you define your leadership brand? How do you build a strong personal brand as a leader? These are crucial questions all aspiring leaders should ask themselves in 2021.  The events of 2020 have made employment and business a lot more competitive. In times of great competition, everyone is vying for the best job […]

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Get Clear on Your Value for a Strong 2021 (EP046)

What is the value you bring to your team or company? What is your value contribution to your organisation? This is something all emerging leaders need to be very clear on in order to create their leadership brand.

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How to Get Your Ideas Across in Meetings (EP045)

How to get your ideas across in meetings

How to get your ideas across in meetings is a common question for emerging leaders. Many of my clients ask me, “How can I get people to listen to my ideas?” or “How can I get my point across in meetings?”.

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EP044: How to Sound Smart and Confident at Work

How to sound smart and confident at work

How to sound smart and confident at work is an issue for many emerging leaders. You want your coworkers and boss to see you as intelligent and credible. You also want them to see you as a confident leader. Discovering how to sound smart and confident at work will absolutely help you achieve this.

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