Top 3 Soft Skills for Future Leaders 2021 (EP059)

What are the top soft skills for 2021? What soft skills are important for the future of work? Given the rapid change we have experienced in the world of work throughout 2020 and 2021, some soft skills have become more important than others.

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3 Words That Make You Sound Weak in the Workplace (EP058)

Words that make you sound weak in the workplace

What words make you sound weak in the workplace? If you’re an emerging leader, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself this question at some stage in your career.

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3 Ways You Can Speak Like a Leader at Work (EP057)

How to speak like a leader at work. As you advance into leadership, you’ll be required to use a different style of communication in the workplace. You will need to move away from the style of communication you used early on in your career and adopt a more assertive and confident style of communication.

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How to End a Conversation Gracefully at a Networking Event (EP056)

How do I end a conversation gracefully at a networking event?

How to end a conversation gracefully at a networking event. Ending conversations gracefully at networking events is challenging for many emerging leaders. You don’t want to sound impolite.

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How I Beat Procrastination as a Content Creator and Entrepreneur [EP055]

How to stop procrastinating and get work done! If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can I stop procrastinating”, you’re not alone. Procrastination happens to all of us whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur. 

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How to Lead Virtually in 2021 and Beyond (EP054)

In the current business environment, many professionals are asking themselves, “How to lead virtually in 2021”, or “how can I be successful at virtual leadership”. If you’re an emerging leader and you’ve asked yourself these questions while you’ve been working from home, this week’s podcast episode and YouTube video are for you.

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Business Etiquette Tips for the Workplace: Dos and Don’ts for Job Success (EP053)

business etiquette tips for the workplace in 2021

Do you want to learn the top business etiquette tips for the workplace in 2021? Business etiquette is an integral part of a well-functioning office.

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Q&A Can You Stop People Communicating Aggressively? (EP052)

Can you stop people communicating aggressively with you? This was a question I received from one of my video course students. You may have come across this situation yourself. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “how to deal with aggressive communicators” or “how to stop people communicating aggressively”. 

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What Happens When You Start to Set Boundaries? (EP051)

A common question when people start to set boundaries is: what happens when you set boundaries? How will other people react? Will they become aggressive with you? How should I respond? All of these questions are normal when you start to set boundaries.

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How to Start a Conversation at a Networking Event: Tips for Non-Awkward Conversations (EP050)

How do you start a conversation at a networking event? This is a common question many emerging leaders and young professionals ask. Networking events can be intimidating. However, they are incredibly important for you to meet important decision makers in your industry which can lead to promotions or new client opportunities.

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