Kara Ronin, Leadership Coach for Emerging Leaders

I help emerging leaders, like you, build visibility and influence so you can unlock your leadership potential!

Hi! I’m Kara Ronin. If you’re an ambitious emerging leader trying to build your leadership skill so you can get promoted or land new clients, you’re in the right place.

As a leadership coach and Bestselling Udemy Course Instructor I’ve helped thousands of highly-skilled professionals and entrepreneurs improve their personal brand, communication, workplace interactions, and leadership ability. These professionals have seen massive shifts in their career which have resulted in promotions, pay rises and more lucrative clients.

Most of my clients come from traditional industries such as accounting, law, finance, banking or HR, but I’ve also worked with people from creative industries such as marketing.

Here are some of my success stories:

✔ I’ve helped a Senior Associate lift her leadership presence so it better reflects her age and position, leading to increased credibility with clients and a big promotion inside her law firm.

✔ I’ve helped an Investment Advisor reinvent his entire leadership brand (personal brand for leaders) which allowed him to successfully move from “existing” behind his employer’s brand to becoming an entrepreneur standing in his own space.

✔ I’ve helped IT professionals, accountants, lawyers and wealth managers improve their social skill in business, leadership skill,  communication and become more visible with potential clients both online and in-person which has allowed them to access new business development opportunities. 

Why me?

I’ve worked with thousands of clients in Australia and internationally through my leadership coaching programs, workshops and online video courses.

My international background as a tax consultant for Deloitte in Tokyo made me realise that technical skill will only get you so far in your career. In order to truly succeed in the corporate world, you need a strong grasp of both technical skill and soft skill. Read more about me here.

You no doubt have the technical side under control. I’m here to help you develop the soft skill side so you can stand out from your competition.

So emerging leaders, are you ready?

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Where can I find your advice for FREE?

I am passionate about helping emerging leaders build the leadership and soft skill they need to succeed. You can find my advice for free on a number of platforms below, including LinkedIn, The Leadership Pod podcast, and YouTube.

Top YouTube Episodes

Every week on YouTube, I release training videos so you can build your visibility and influence as an emerging leader.

Watch some of my top videos below.

How can I work with you?

You can work with me through leadership coaching, workshops, or video courses. Click the images below to find out more.

Join 60,000+ students I’ve taught all around the world in my online video courses!

My video courses are available on Udemy. These courses will teach you:

  • How to build your social skill and business etiquette skill to shine as a professional.
  • How to communicate assertively so you can express your ideas, set boundaries and have difficult conversations. 
  • Body language to appear more confident and powerful in business situations.
  • Foundation of developing a leadership presence in 30 days!
  • More courses are currently being developed.
Business Etiquette skills for professionals and leaders
Click the above image to preview Business Etiquette 101. Find out why 10,000+ other students enrolled in this course!

Client Feedback

“We recently engaged Kara to run ‘introduction to leadership’ style seminars for all of our junior to intermediate professional staff. This was plugged into HHG Legal Group’s PYLOT (Preparing Your Lawyers of Tomorrow) performance development program. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we will use Kara again.” Simon Creek, CEO, HHG Legal Group

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“After attending Kara’s Leadership Presence Masterclass, I sent along several people from my team. As a result, their presentation and interactions are more polished, and this is having a positive impact on their confidence. I am glad I gave my team this opportunity. If you’re looking for someone to help your team build their presence as a leader, I would definitely recommend Kara’s workshop.” Mi-Lin Finnie, Regional Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

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“Without knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised at the content we covered in such a short session. Kara’s delivery made it easy to apply to my current situation and identify areas of weakness that I can improve on. Definitely would recommend, it was time well invested” Alanah Jenkin, Senior Account Manager, Country Wide Insurance Brokers

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“Mrs Ronin drew from her international experience to provide students with a structured approach and some solid practical advice. She shared invaluable tips and motivated students.” Pierre Hugot, Geneva Business School Career Support Centre

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“Having worked in a leadership role for a number of years and having already completed many leadership and customer service training courses and events, I was pleasantly surprised by how much new information and many new techniques I took away from Kara’s Leadership Presence Half-Day Masterclass. In such a short space of time, Kara covered multiple important topics and provided helpful and practical advice that I found easy to implement. I highly recommend anyone in a leadership role attend the course regardless of their experience and field”. Madeline Rimmer, Operations Director, Liberty Executive Offices, Perth, Australia.


“Kara is an engaging presenter and our members who were present at the luncheon walked away feeling better equipped to do business with people from China and India in a polite and professional manner. If I find myself travelling to China or India, I’ll know who to call !” John Campbell, President of International Financial Management Association (IFMA), Geneva