Formal versus Informal E-mails: E-mail Writing Tips for Business English

Formal versus informal e-mails in business English. What is the difference between formal and informal e-mails in business English? How do you write a formal e-mail or an informal e-mail?

These are common questions whether you’re a native English speaker or not, a new professional or an experienced business person. 

Knowing the difference between formal and informal e-mails in business is extremely important. Every e-mail you send carries with it an impression of you as a professional. 

If you incorrectly send an informal e-mail to somebody when the situation requires you to be formal, you can damage your professional reputation with that person and possibly any future business dealings.

Similarly, if you send a formal e-mail when the situation calls for a more casual interaction, it can alienate you and send an awkward message to that person.

Formal & Informal E-mails in Business English

Learning the difference between formal and informal emails and knowing how to write each is a required skill for any professional.

In this video you will learn how to write professional emails in English, e-mail etiquette, and all about writing informal and formal e-mails.

Timestamps for “Formal versus Informal E-mails in Business English”

In this video, you will learn:

  • 00:00 Formal versus Informal Emails
  • 00:34 What is the difference between a formal and an informal email?
  • 01:18 When should you use formal e-mails?
  • 03:06 When should you use informal e-mails?
  • 04:10 What is an example of a formal email?
  • 06:55 What is an example of an informal email?
  • 09:21 How do you know if you’ve received an informal or a formal e-mail?
  • 10:39 How do you transition from a formal to an informal e-mail?
  • 11:49 Pro Tip!
  • 12:15 Where to learn more about writing business emails and business letters?

How to Learn More About Writing Business E-mails

In one of my Udemy courses, Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge, one of the topics I talk about is business writing. And as part of that course, I offer a comprehensive pdf workbook on writing business e-mails and business letters. 

These resources have been extremely helpful for many professionals so they can improve on their business e-mail writing and present a more professional image of themselves. If you would like these resources, simply enrol in this video course using this discount link here.

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Formal versus informal emails for business writing
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