What to Do When You Feel Invisible at Work: 7 Ways to Feel More Visible in the Office

At some stage in your career you may have wondered what to do when you feel invisible at work. 

For many emerging leaders, being able to promote yourself in the office and increase your visibility at work can be challenging. But the reality is, your future career depends on it!

Being visible in the office is essential if you want to advance and get promoted. People who are invisible at work often get overlooked for these professional milestones.

In addition to that the contribution they may often goes unnoticed or goes to somebody else.

You don’t want to find yourself in this position.

What to Do When You Feel Invisible at Work

In order to get the recognition you deserve, and the promotions you deserve, you need to work at becoming more visible at work.

It might sound daunting and you might be worried about sounding sales or self-promotional, but if you focus on the right things (like adding value), you will be noticed and you will grow your visibility.

In this video, I share with you seven ways you can increase your visibility at work and stop being so invisible.

Timestamps for “What to Do When you Feel Invisible at Work”

  • 00:00 What to do if you feel invisible in the office?
  • 00:29 1. Make sure you’re present in conversations, meetings and important decisions.
  • 01:44 2. Have an honest one-on-one conversation with your boss.
  • 02:59 3. Be more outspoken in meetings.
  • 04:55 4. Build internal relationships.
  • 06:25 5. Become known to senior leaders.
  • 08:19 6. Develop your personal brand on LinkedIn. 
  • 10:09 7. Realise that you are important!

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