How to Get Promoted at Work: Top 5 Tips to Get a Job Promotion This Year!

Do you want to get promoted at work this year? Maybe you’re ambitious and you want to get promoted into a management or leadership position. 

Getting promoted at work is something that requires planning and strategy. Too many people rely on luck. Or they think all they have to do is work hard and they will automatically get promoted. These strategies rarely work.

If you’re serious about your career advancement, you need to approach every promotion intelligently. Just like the smart leader you are! You need to prepare, plan and strategise your promotion moves.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready.

This mistake is very common, especially with perfectionists or those with Impostor Syndrome. Waiting until you’re 100% ready will not make you any more prepared for the promotion. In fact, it will open up the opportunity for others to swoop in and get the promotion ahead of you! I urge you to apply for the promotion as soon as you can.

Identify the skills you need to get promoted.

In order to be ready for the promotion interview, you need to have identified the skills you need to be successful in that role you’re applying for. This can be the hardest part. You should use a combination of performance reviews, feedback and your own internal evaluation. Where is the gap? What skills are you missing that you need to develop?

Start building the skills you need for that role.

On top of identifying the skills you need, you also need to have developed those skills and you should be displaying them in your day-to-day role. Hiring managers need to see this so they can be confident you can do the job.

Network with the right people.

In leadership, your network is your net worth. You need to connect with, and get to know, like and trust people who can be beneficial for you in your career. Think of people who can help you develop your team, meet your goals, or advance your career. Networking is crucial to your career success.

Communicate your worth.

Don’t expect others to see your worth. People are so involved in their own lives, they rarely look up and notice the exceptional work of others. You need to be more upfront about the value you bring. Make it visible in the office. Communicate your worth to others so they can’t miss it.

At the end of the day, getting a promotion isn’t difficult. Many people think it’s impossible. But that’s usually because they’ve been going about it the wrong way. I hope this blog post will help you approach it with much more strategy so you can see better results. 

Watch the below YouTube video where I explain in more detail about what you need to do to get promoted at work.


  • 00:46 Why you should stop waiting to be 100% ready. 
  • 02:18 How to identify the skills you need to get promoted.
  • 04:00 How to start building the skills you need to get promoted as a leader.
  • 05:38 Why networking with the right people will get you promoted.
  • 07:39 Make it easier to get promoted by communicating your worth.
  • 09:35 Key to getting promoted in today’s competitive business environment

Watch the below video to learn about 6 tell-tale signs you’re not going to get promoted.

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