Leadership Brand Coaching

Move from recognised to the go-to expert in your industry.

Kara Ronin, Leadership Coaching & Personal Branding

The 6 Month Leadership Brand Coaching with Kara is an exclusive program for business men and women who want to redefine their leadership brand and take their reputation to the next level.

You will work personally with Kara in a series of high-level coaching sessions over a six month period.

  • You will get valuable insights into how others perceive you in the workplace.
  • You will uncover weaknesses in your current personal brand and learn why you’re not being perceived the way you would like.
  • You will define your new leadership brand based on Kara’s 7-step process.
  • You will get strategic guidance, encouragement and be pushed to reinvent yourself clearly and confidently.

Sessions are available over the phone, Skype or face-to-face in Perth, Australia.

Kara’s Tailored Approach

Kara Ronin, Leadership Brand Coaching

The 6 Month Leadership Brand Coaching is highly tailored for your needs. It gives you the opportunity to focus on areas in which you would like to grow professionally. This may include:

  • Being recognised as an authority or expert in your field
  • Transitioning to a new career path and reinventing yourself
  • Positioning yourself for a leadership role
  • Gaining more confidence, and projecting more power and authority
  • Attracting a different type of client which requires you to reposition yourself
  • Launching a new entrepreneurial venture and making sure your brand is communicated clearly
  • Building a public profile and dramatically enhancing your online presence
  • Polishing your appearance, interaction with others and reputation in business

Download the pdf brochures for more information.


What Is Included in this Program?

In this program, you will receive:

Download the pdf brochures for more information.

Why Work With Kara?

Kara Ronin is the founder of Executive Impressions and an executive coach to help you master your social skills and become recognised as a go-to expert.

Kara is a business etiquette and leadership branding coach, trainer, speaker, and the founder of Executive Impressions.

She is a two-time Bestselling video course creator with over 10,000 students globally, podcast host at The Leadership Pod, and YouTube Channel creator, Leadership for New Leaders.

Her advice has been published in TIME, Business Insider, The West Australian, The Advertiser, The Local France, Leaders in Heels, YFS Magazine, Professional Beauty, and many more.

She has spoken internationally for the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Geneva Business School, among others, and has been interviewed on a number of prominent podcasts in Australia and the US.

More importantly, Kara has worked with clients all around the world, helping them uncover what’s holding them back and working with them closely to drive their reputation, influence and presence in the business world.

What Past Clients Have Said:

“I run my own law firm, manage a successful team, and decided this year was the time to finally invest in myself. I wanted to perfect what I had identified as pressure points. I began working with Kara looking to boost my confidence, project authority better in high-pressure situations (like representing my clients in court), and to feel more on-top of my schedule and time management. Because of our coaching sessions, I now feel more confident and empowered in my professional life. I communicate with more clarity and less self-doubt. I’ve also improved my networking ability (which is something I always avoided before). Kara is a talented coach. She is dedicated, generous and genuinely cares. I’m so glad I decided to work with her and unequivocally recommend her services. – Lynette Wen, Principal of Ideal Legal Services, Notary Public, Lawyer.

“Since I started working with Kara in her Executive Style and Grooming Program, I have more clarity around my leadership style and goals. This clarity has given me more confidence and far more strategic and deliberate decision making. The practical advice that Kara gave has helped me develop the leadership style that I want to emanate. I felt that Kara really listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a course that was spot on. It is well priced for the content and structure and I definitely see the benefit in having completed this program. I would highly recommend this course and Kara’s coaching to my colleagues.” – Nikita Barsby, Senior Associate, MDC Legal.

“I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass because I struggled in assertive communication. What I liked best about this workshop was learning how to say “no” and face my fears. I think it will help me across the board in my business life – as a Director of a team and in negotiating with stakeholders. I really felt supported, guided and understood in this workshop.” – Isabella Mitchell, Director & Founder of The Meet Up Collective

“I learned a lot about myself and some of the weaknesses I have, this was daunting at first. Embracing the simple but effective strategies Kara taught me has helped address these weaknesses and I’m now working to improve my leadership presence every day.” – Darren Jones, CPA, Partner at Woollett Partners

“Without knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised at the content we covered in such a short session. Kara’s delivery made it easy to apply to my current situation and identify areas of weakness that I can improve on. Definitely would recommend, it was time well invested” – Alanah Jenkin, Country Wide Insurance Brokers

“Kara’s Leadership Presence Half-day Masterclass was a great afternoon packed with useful tools and tips to help me coach and build my new business with confidence. Kara leads by example and conveys confidence, warmth and a true willingness to help every client to address their individual needs. She provides a relaxed and friendly environment
to encourage clients to participate throughout the afternoon.“ – Sharon D’Costa, Independent Consultant at Arbonne International

“Kara teaches us everything we didn’t learn in business school – how to move from shallow to deep conversations, what to wear and how to speak in job interviews, how to connect with strangers, and so much more. She’s thoughtful, clear and engaging.” – Sarah Dunn, Podcast Host at We Live Limitless

“Kara’s Leadership Presence Master Class attacks the key points that make you stand out from your peers and build a leadership presence. The content can easily be applied in your daily professional life and Kara’s presentation style is warm and engaging. I recommend the Half Day Master Class to anyone looking for an edge in their professional life.” – Andrew Chilcott, Head of Management Accounting – Automotive Holdings Group

Important Details

The 6-Month Leadership Coaching Program starts at AU$9,500.

Kara has limited spots available for coaching clients. Please e-mail contact@executive-impressions.com to enquire.

Download the pdf brochures for more information.

The 6 month Leadership Brand Coaching may not be for everyone as it is a personalised approach and is priced accordingly. If you would like to explore free or low-cost resources, please look at Kara’s podcast, YouTube Channel, workshops, video courses and the more than 100 free articles on this website.