Business Etiquette 101: Social Skills for Success

Master Social Skills for Business to Increase Your Confidence, Build Your Personal Brand, and Magnify Your Business Success.

Do you want to develop better social skills in business? This comprehensive video course will help you refine and polish your social skills in business so you can build a stronger professional brand, connect better with colleagues and clients, and have the confidence to excel in business.

Whether you’re a new graduate or experienced professional, this course will change the way you interact with others and they way others interact with you in business.

If you want to feel more comfortable and confident in business situations, communicate your professional competence to your boss and clients, and get noticed for promotions, this value-packed course is for you.

Master the Social Dynamics of Business Interactions in this Powerful, Insightful Course.

– Build the know, like and trust factor with colleagues, clients, and your boss.
– Create an executive wardrobe for a polished professional brand.
– Conquer networking with confidence and strategy.
– Master your conversations to appear intelligent and competent.
– Learn how to nurture and manage your online professional brand.

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*Note: This course will be available from April 15th.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to the Course
Section 1 includes three course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 1 – Introduction to the Course
Lecture 2 – Overview of the Curriculum
Lecture 3 – Materials for this Course
Lecture 4 – Business Etiquette and Social Skills Pre-Course Quiz

Section 2: Build the Know, Like and Trust Factor
Section 2 includes four course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 5 – Introduction to the Know, Like and Trust Factor
Lecture 6: How to Build the Know Element
Lecture 7: How to Build the Like Element
Lecture 8: How to Build the Trust Element
Lecture 9 : Quiz

Section 3: Create an Executive Wardrobe
Section 3 includes 5 course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 10: Your Professional Image and Your Outfit
Lecture 11: Dress Mistakes
Lecture 12: Dress For Your Industry
Lecture 13: Men’s Basic Executive Wardrobe
Lecture 14: Women’s Basic Executive Wardrobe
Lecture 15: Quiz

Section 4: Conquer Networking
Section 4 includes four course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 16: What Is Networking and Why Is it Important?
Lecture 17: Seven Networking Archetypes and Which One Are You?
Lecture 18: Five Steps to Better Networking
Lecture 19: What to Do After a Networking Opportunity
Lecture 20: Quiz

Section 5: Master Your Conversations
Section 5 includes 6 course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 21: The Building Blocks of a Conversation
Lecture 22: How to Start a Conversation
Lecture 23: How to Continue a Conversation
Lecture 24: How to End a Conversation
Lecture 25: How to Deal With Conversation Pitfalls
Lecture 26: Remembering and Using Names
Lecture 27: Quiz

Section 6: Nurture Your Digital Footprint
Section 6 includes three course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 28: What Is an Online Presence and Why It’s Important
Lecture 29: Your Goals and the Right Platform for You
Lecture 30: LinkedIn Profile Basics
Lecture 31: Quiz

Section 7: Summary
Section 7 includes two course videos and a quiz.
Lecture 32: Final Thoughts
Lecture 33: Q&A Video
Lecture 34: Business Etiquette and Social Skills Post-Course Quiz

Preview Business Etiquette 101 Video Course
*Note: This course will be available from April 15th.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for modern, forward-thinking, enterprising professionals who are entry to mid-level in their career.
– New graduates
– Finance professionals
– Lawyers
– Accountants
– Marketing or advertising professionals
– Sales people
– Executive Assistants
– Engineers
– Entrepreneurs
– People who are eager to learn Western business etiquette

Other Benefits

– This video course has over 3.5 hours of high-quality video content with titling, images, and animation.
– Over 90% of every video is personalised instruction with Kara.
– It also includes workbook activities, presentation slides, and quizzes.
– This course is completely online – you can take it anytime, and anywhere.

What you won’t learn in this course is boring, stuffy, out-of-date advice that you can’t apply to modern life today.

When you finish this course, you will see a change in the way you interact with others, the way others interact with you, and new opportunities will unfold in your life because of your new mastery of social skills.


Format: video lectures, pdf workbook, pdf presentation slides, and quizzes.
Retail price: $297

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About Your Trainer

Founder of Executive ImpressionsKara Ronin is a global leadership, business etiquette, and social skills expert. She is also the founder of Executive Impressions. Her advice and unique perspectives have been featured in numerous publications such as TIME Inc., Business Insider Australia, Business Insider India, The Daily Muse, YFS Magazine, Leaders In Heels, The Local France, and more. She is regularly interviewed on prominent podcasts and was ranked as one of the Top 100 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter in 2015 and 2016.

Kara has spent over 10 years living an international life in Japan, the USA, and Europe, and speaks Japanese as well as French. She began her career in business working for a Japanese trading house, and with a Master of Accounting degree, for one of the Big 4 accounting firms in Tokyo as an international tax consultant.

After seeing how much cultural intelligence and social skills helped her reach her career goals, Kara decided to help others learn and benefit from these skills through online and in-person training programs.

Kara uses a unique, results-oriented and fresh approach to business etiquette, social skills, and leadership to help professionals interact with business people all around the world so they can effectively build relationships, retain clients, and improve their bottom line.

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