Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge

Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge

Strengthen your leadership reputation and increase your influence to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

Do you want to be recognised as a business person with strong leadership potential?

Maybe you want to convey more authority to your team members or appear more competent to your clients so you can increase your business success.

The Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge is a fast, easy and effective video course that will show you exactly how to develop your leadership reputation, increase your authority and influence in business, and get recognised as an emerging leader in your field.

My name is Kara Ronin and for the past five years I’ve been working with business people around the world to help them build presence, power and connections in business. When it comes to leadership, this an area I am very passionate about. I run the Leadership Presence Half-Day Masterclass all over Australia which has received many positive reviews. I have also been voted as one of the Top 100 Leadership Experts to follow on Twitter every month since May 2015. And my advice has been featured in Business Insider, TIME Inc., YFS Magazine, Leaders in Heels and more.

The biggest insight I have learned that I share with all of my students is this: nobody is born a leader. Leadership is a skill that must be learned, developed and refined over time.

My goal for this course is to help you strengthen your leadership brand by focusing on both the internal and external elements of your leadership presence so you can be recognised as an emerging leader in your company or industry.

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The first part of this course focuses on your external leadership presence and you’ll learn how to create a leadership outfit and use powerful body language. The second part of this course focuses on your communication and you’ll learn both verbal and written communication hacks that will help you strengthen your leadership brand. The last part of this course focuses on your internal leadership qualities, or your leadership mindset, and you’ll learn how to connect with decision-makers, use visualisation techniques and create your own leadership opportunities.

This course is designed to be completed in 30 days. Every day for 30 days, you will watch one short video (2-3 minutes long) that will teach you one leadership skill or technique. Each video is accompanied by a worksheet, allowing you to put into practice what you have learned.

This video course is designed to be easy, fast and effective. All videos are under 2-3 minutes which allows you to easily fit this course into your busy schedule.

By the end of this course, you will have 30 new skills or important insights into leadership that you can use to boost your leadership presence and drive your business success.

I know that leadership presence is something anybody can attain – including you. You simply have to start learning the strategies and techniques that have worked for others and incorporate them into your life.

Thank you so much for participating in this course. I truly hope you walk away feeling empowered, elevated, and closer to success.

– Kara

Preview Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge Video Course

What am I going to get from this course?
– Techniques you can implement to create a leadership outfit.
– Body language gestures that you can use to convey more authority and influence others.
– Important verbal communication strategies to convey authority and energy when you speak.
– Simple written communication techniques that will lift your business writing skill.
– Mindset strategies to think like a leader, connect better with decision-makers and visualise your leadership presence.
– Steps to make your leadership vision a reality, position yourself as a leader on LinkedIn and learn how to move into global leadership.
– Students will walk away from this course with 30 new skills or important insights into leadership that will boost their leadership presence and drive their business success.

What is the target audience?
– Entry to mid-level professionals who aspire to a leadership or senior level position.
– Growing entrepreneurs who want to establish a leadership reputation with their clients.
– Employees who feel overlooked or undervalued and want to change the perception others have of them.
– You will NOT like this course if you are happy in your current position and you do not want to move up into leadership.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Welcome to the Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge

Welcome Video

Section 2: Refine Your Leadership Style

DAY 1 Learn how first impressions are formed
DAY 2 Dress to Reflect Your Corporate Image
DAY 3 Adjust Your Outfit to Look Like a Leader
DAY 4 Avoid Uncomfortable and Ill-Fitting Clothing
DAY 5 Distinguish Yourself With Colour

Section 3: Master Body Language for Leadership

DAY 6 Define your body language goal
DAY 7 Start with your posture
DAY 8 Use your eye contact wisely
DAY 9 Do you use the steeple?
DAY 10 Is your body language congruent?

Section 4: Communicate With Authority and Energy

DAY 11 The power of a simple “hi”
DAY 12 Do your opinions and ideas get heard?
DAY 13 Learn how to interrupt an interruptor
DAY 14 Avoid the upswing
DAY 15 Eliminate qualifiers when you speak

Section 5: Elevate Your Business Writing Skill

DAY 16 Avoid common business writing errors
DAY 17 Separate your thoughts and ideas
DAY 18 Don’t mix US and British style writing
DAY 19 Use vocabulary that establishes credibility
DAY 20 Support your statement with a rationale

Section 6: Develop the Mindset of a Leader

DAY 21 Think like a leader
DAY 22 Establish consistency
DAY 23 Become a connector
DAY 24 Create your own roundtable for feedback
DAY 25 Visualise your leadership presence

Section 7: Boost Your Leadership Presence

DAY 26 Create your own leadership presence vision board
DAY 27 Identify steps to make your vision a reality
DAY 28 Position yourself as a leader on LinkedIn
DAY 29 Create leadership opportunities
DAY 30 Introduction to global leadership

Section 8: Summary and Goodbye

Summary Video

Preview Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge Video Course


Format: video lectures and pdf worksheets.
Retail price: $197

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About Your Trainer

Founder of Executive ImpressionsKara Ronin is a global leadership, business etiquette, and social skills expert. She is also the founder of Executive Impressions. Her advice and unique perspectives have been featured in numerous publications such as TIME Inc., Business Insider Australia, Business Insider India, The Daily Muse, YFS Magazine, Leaders In Heels, The Local France, and more. She is regularly interviewed on prominent podcasts and was ranked as one of the Top 100 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter in 2015 and 2016.

Kara has spent over 10 years living an international life in Japan, the USA, and Europe, and speaks Japanese as well as French. She began her career in business working for a Japanese trading house, and with a Master of Accounting degree, for one of the Big 4 accounting firms in Tokyo as an international tax consultant.

Kara uses a unique, results-oriented and fresh approach to business etiquette, social skills, and leadership to help professionals interact with business people all around the world so they can effectively build relationships, retain clients, and improve their bottom line.

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