Why Do Less Qualified People Get the Job You Want?

Have you ever been in a situation where somebody less qualified than you got promoted instead of you? Why do less qualified people get the job you want?

It’s frustrating and down-right hurtful when you find out that somebody who has less qualifications than you and less experience than you, got promoted instead of you.

Your mind goes into a spiral trying to work out what you could have done differently or how this even happened. What did they have that you didn’t?

The reality of the corporate world is, not everybody who has the best skill or level of qualification will get promoted. This is unfortunate but very true.

Hiring managers take into account a bunch of other variables when deciding who to promote. It’s these variable that you need to pay attention to (as well as building your technical skill), if you want to get promoted.

As a leadership coach, I teach many of my emerging leader clients that sitting at your desk and doing a good job is not enough to get you noticed and promoted.

This is what you’re taught in formal education but in the “real world” or the corporate world, things are quite different.

What you need to get promoted

  • You need to believe in yourself. 
  • You need to overcome the Impostor Syndrome.
  • You need to create your own leadership opportunities.
  • You need to network with the right people.
  • You need to tell people you want to advance.
  • You need to be clear on your career goals.
  • You need to stop blaming others for your lack of success.
  • You need to get a mentor.
  • You need to proactively learn skills you need to learn.

You don’t have to so every one of the above things, but incorporating some of them into your professional life can really help you stand out as somebody who is worthy of the next promotion.

All of the above variables are accessible to you. They don’t cost money, just energy, focus and time.

If you’re prepared to invest these three things so you can land your next promotion (that you deserve!), then watch the below YouTube video where I delve into each of these strategies.

This video will definitely help you understand, why do less qualified people get promoted instead of you?

I hope you enjoy this video.

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Why do less qualified people get the job you want?

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