What does a thank you note say about you?

What Does a Thank You Note Say About You?

Why are thank you notes important? There are many differing opinions about thank you notes. Some people love them and always have a follow-up note prepared to send straight after an interview.

Other people don’t really see the point and never send thank you notes after interviews or networking events.

Whether you send a thank you note or not after an interview is really a personal choice. But what’s sure is that more and more employers today naturally expect thank you notes after you’ve interviewed with them.

I recently came across this topic in one of my Twitter feeds where a recruiting manager posted, if she interviewed with you and you didn’t send a thank you note afterward, there’s no chance you have a job.

In my opinion, you’ve really got nothing to lose by sending a thank you note. In fact, I can only think of positive messages that a thank you note can convey.

1. You’ve Remembered that Person, and Their Name

How many times have you met somebody at a business or social function and 5 minutes after finishing the conversation with them, you don’t remember their name?

Forgetting other people’s names is so common in our busy world. When somebody does remember your name, especially in written form, it’s a delightful jolt of surprise.

2. The Exchange You Had Was Important to You

While it is very important to remember the other person’s name, so is remembering the topics you discussed.

By remembering the topics of conversation and mentioning those in your thank you note, you make the other person feel interesting and important.

3. You Want to Continue the Relationship

If there is no follow-up after a first meeting, it’s really easy to let that potential relationship or friendship wither and fade.

A simple one or two line thank you note will let the other person know you enjoyed their company and you want to continue building a relationship with them.

4. You Always Go One Step Further

Thank you notes are never a requirement, but they do express that you go one-step further than what’s required of you.

This is critical to express if you’re going to a job interview, or even to a networking event where you’ll meet potential clients.

5. You Have Confidence

This is so important to express in today’s competitive professional world. Sending a thank you note says that you’re not afraid of standing out from the crowd and you’re going to take the initiative to be noticed by others.

You don’t have to wait until you have an interview to practice sending thank you notes.

Every time you meet somebody interesting at a networking event, send them a note expressing how much you enjoyed talking with them.

Or even in your social life, if you attend a well planned dinner party or barbecue, send the host a thank you note afterward to express your gratitude for the wonderful evening.

Now I’d love to hear from you: Which category are you in? Do you love thank you notes and send them when you can, or do you think they’re a waste of time? Leave your comments in the section below.

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