Reasons to attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass in 2020

9 Reasons to Attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass in 2020

Why should you attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass? Taking time off from your job or your business to attend a workshop and develop yourself professionally has so many positive results for you.

But deciding which event to attend can be challenging. There are so many workshop and conference options available, it’s natural to get confused.

If you do want to invest in your professional development in 2020 but you’re not sure where to start, then the Leadership Presence Masterclass is a great option.

The Leadership Presence Masterclass is designed for emerging leaders who want to build their leadership brand, get more influence and develop the mindset of a leader.

It’s perfect for those transitioning from mid to senior-level in their career, or new entrepreneurs.

To date, I’ve taken over 100 people through this workshop in Perth, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. And the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive!

In this workshop, I walk you through nine important areas that you need to know to create the “presence” of a leader. You will get insights, strategies and a lot of discussion time to share your own experiences and ask questions relevant to you.

You will walk away with your own Leadership Presence Master Plan so once the workshop is finished, you can continue to work on the nine areas we covered in the session.

If you’re still looking for more reasons to attend, here’s nine more.

1. You’ll gain confidence

Confidence is the key to having leadership presence. You’ve probably heard that you can “fake it ‘til you make it”, but do you really know how to do that? Do you really know how to give the impression that you’re confident when really you’re not? In the Leadership Presence Masterclass, you will learn outfit and body language strategies to do exactly that. Plus, the intimate group environment will naturally give you confidence because you’ll be stepping outside of your comfort zone.

2. You’ll have a chance to ask your most pressing questions

One of the best pieces of feedback that I get every time I run my workshops, whether it’s the Leadership Presence Masterclass or the Leadership Communication Masterclass, is that people love the discussion opportunities. They love hearing other people’s questions. They find comfort in hearing that others struggle with the same things they do. And they value the opportunity to get advice on something they’re experiencing at the moment. That is why I created these workshops – so you can get the most benefit for your professional life. If you can’t ask questions and get good answers, then to me, it’s a lecture, not a workshop.

3. You’ll connect on a deep level with other participants

The benefit of carved out discussion time during the workshop is it allows you to connect on a deeper level with other participants. When you start connecting on a deep level with others, you start to build relationships with them which in turn, expands your network and gives you an advantage in your business life. During many of the workshops, I see people exchange email addresses, phone numbers or organise to get together at another time. I can see relationships being built and for your leadership development, that is priceless.

Leadership Presence Masterclass, Perth

4. You’ll impress your boss and coworkers

I’ve had so many people comment about how their boss looks at them differently after attending the workshop. I’ve also had conversations with various bosses who have sent their staff members to this workshop and they’ve commented about how that person’s confidence, charisma and presence has been lifted. You could experience this too, and I’m sure you will if you attend this workshop.

5. You’ll learn what first impression you give others

Do you know what first impression you give? Most of us don’t, unless we have a trusted friend who reveals this to us. Many of us go through life not knowing what others truly think of us when we first meet them. We always wonder but we never really know. Sometimes, we could be giving a bad first impression. This could stop us from connecting well with people. It could prevent us from attaining the career opportunities we want. The psychology of first impressions gives you an insight that is deep and powerful. You will learn about this in the Leadership Presence Masterclass.

6. You’ll get insights that I share only with my high-level coaching clients

If you’ve ever wondered what type of advice and guidance you can get in a coaching session, you’ll get a taste of this in my workshops. Because there is so much emphasis on discussion time, it’s like a mini-group coaching session. That will give you the opportunity to have a small amount of coaching and a taste for what a coaching session with me would be like.

7. You’ll improve your skills to get buy-in

One of the past participants registered for the Leadership Presence Masterclass because she was knocked back on an idea that she presented to her boss. She is a very ambitious professional in the finance industry and took it on herself to attend this session (at the expense of her company – very smart indeed!). She learned strategies to get buy-in for her ideas so the next time she presents an idea to her boss, it can be done with clarity and confidence, and more chance of getting buy-in.

Leadership Presence Masterclass, Perth

Here is a session of the Leadership Presence Masterclass in Perth in 2019.

8. You’ll get new ideas on how to improve your credibility

We all know that credibility is important when we aspire to leadership positions. But how do we get it? How can we convince others that we are credible and competent? It isn’t hard at all, however it does take a holistic approach. You need to make sure that every aspect of your leadership presence communicates credibility and competence. Quite often people don’t do a thorough job of this and that is where they damage their leadership presence. You’ll learn about this in the workshop.

9. You’ll discover interesting things about the Impostor Syndrome

When I ask people at the end of the session which topic resonated with them the most, 80% of people in every session say the Impostor Syndrome. The Impostor Syndrome, or self-doubt, is extremely common for both men and women. Because it’s so common and because it has the potential to hold you back in your leadership goals, it’s a very important issue to cover. You will learn all about this and be able to discuss your experiences with other participants in this workshop.

Are you convinced that the Leadership Presence Masterclass is what you need to start 2020 off with a bang? Find out when the next session is here.

Leadership Presnce Masterclass, January 17 2020

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