Powerful, Confident Body Language for Women – Video Course

Master confident, powerful body language. Improve your nonverbal communication in business. Boost your confidence, self-esteem.

powerful, confident body language for women

Click this image to learn more in the Powerful, Confident Body Language video course. Only $15! Hurry, limited time only.

Do you want to be more powerful and influential in business?

If you struggle to get your ideas recognised, then you know how it feels to be overlooked and ignored. I’m here to help you change that! In this course, we will tackle this issue by focusing on your body language.

Learning how to use body language for more impact and influence is a skill every driven business person needs. Why? Your body language is a tool that magnifies your communication and makes you stand out as a person of authority.


However for women, powerful, confident body language is often difficult to embrace; it’s not part of our natural demeanor and it’s not what society expects from us.

Women are often brought up to be nurturing and kind. We learn to incorporate gentle, soft body language gestures that align with this image. However, when we hit adulthood and enter the business world, these gestures no longer serve us and they become a hindrance to our professional development and goals.

In the 34 videos in this course, and the challenges I’ve set for you, you will learn an array of powerful, confident body language gestures. You will learn how to use those gestures so you can communicate with impact and influence.

This course will help you to:
– Understand the unique body language advantage that women have over men.
– Understand body language hurdles that women face.
– Use your posture, head, legs, arms, hands, personal space, body orientation, eye contact, and objects around you for heightened power and authority.
– Apply powerful, confident body language gestures to networking events, business meetings, presentations, and negotiations.
– Avoid mistakes women often make with their body language.
– Feel more confident.

This course is for:
– Business women
– Entrepreneurs
– Women in tech
– Lawyers
– Accountants
– Public speakers
– Sales
– Real estate
– Women who work in a male dominated industry

Powerful, confident body language has been critically important for me as a businesswoman. As a coach, I teach these gestures to my executive level clients and they see amazing results. I want to teach them to you so you can get others to see you as the confident, powerful women that you are.

No holding back. Let’s go!


Format: video lectures, pdf worksheets, self-evaluations and peer evaluations.
Retail price: Normally US$125. LIMITED OFFER – Purchase at 90% discount for US$15. Click the button below.

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powerful, confident body language for women

Click this image to learn more in the Powerful, Confident Body Language video course. Only $15! Hurry, limited time only.

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