Group Workshops

As an executive coach, keynote speaker and founder of Executive Impressions, Kara is happy to conduct in-person or online workshops for your company, university or business group. Kara has worked with clients in Hong Kong, India, France, Switzerland, Australia and the US.

Her advice and perspectives have been featured in numerous publications including Time Inc., Business Insider India, Business Insider Australia, The Local France and more. She is regularly interviewed on podcasts, and was recently ranked as one of the Top 100 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter.

Free Online Workshops

Kara regularly holds free online training workshops for her community of ambitious business people.

There are no free online workshops currently scheduled. Please join the Executive Impressions monthly newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming free workshops.


In-Person Workshops

Kara is happy to go to your company, university, or business group to host a workshop for your employees, students and members.

In-person workshop options:

– 1-3 hour workshops
– One-day workshops
– Two-day workshops
– Corporate retreats

Prices for in-person workshops start at $195 per person (minimum 10 people). Please contact Kara to discuss your needs.


To book Kara please contact:

Online Workshops

Kara regularly holds online training workshops for individuals or groups. These training workshops suit clients who are located in remote locations. Please take a look at our online training programs designed for individual professionals.

Copyright Kara Ronin 2015.

Copyright Kara Ronin 2015.

“Kara oozes love and light for people, culture and success.”

– David T.S. Wood, Amplified Network Marketing Podcast

Workshop Topics

Kara works with clients all around the world and from a variety of industries such as hospitality, finance, legal, education, mining and more.

Kara uses a unique, results-oriented and modern approach to help professionals improve their presence, build relationships, retain clients, and improve their bottom line.

Popular topics include:
– Leadership Presence Masterclass
– Executive Reputation and Influence Masterclass
– Assertive Communication for Leaders
– Create Meaningful and Profitable Connections in Business
– International Business Etiquette Essentials


“Working with me will improve your presence, reputation and business relationships. This can all impact your bottom line”. Kara Ronin

Contact Kara to discuss customised options for workshops.

Book a Workshop With Kara

If you’re interested in booking Kara for any of the workshop topics, please send an e-mail to


Kara’s advice has been featured in major publications. She’s also shared her expertise in numerous interviews. Here are some samples of Kara’s work:

– TIME Inc
– Business Insider India
– Business Insider Australia
– The Local France
– YFS Magazine
– Leaders In Heels
– Addicted to Success
– Onward Nation
– The Key to Authority Podcast

Media Kit

If you’re interested in interviewing Kara, please request her Media Kit by sending an e-mail to

References from Delighted Clients

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“It was with great pleasure that GBS Career Support Centre hosted Mrs Kara Ronin as guest speaker at our recent Career Workshop. Mrs Ronin’s expertise and professionalism contributed greatly to the success of this workshop that focused on the construction of a professional LinkedIn profile. Emphasising the ability to control one’s online profile, Mrs Ronin drew from her international experience to provide students with a structured approach and some solid practical advice. She shared invaluable tips and motivated students to implement and improve their profiles through the advanced resources she made available to GBS students. We’d like to thank Kara for her professionalism and the enthusiasm and advice she shared with our students. It was a real pleasure to have her with us as a guest speaker and we are confident to recommend her”. Geneva Business School – Career Support Centre

IFMA-logo“Kara presented at a lunch time meeting of the International Financial Management Association (IFMA) in Geneva – I’m the President of IFMA. Her topic, Business Etiquette in China and India included many interesting insights on and practical tips about cross-cultural interactions. Kara is an engaging presenter and our members who were present at the luncheon walked away feeling better equipped to do business with people from China and India in a polite and professional manner. If I find myself travelling to China or India, I’ll know who to call !” – John Campbell, President of International Financial Management Association (IFMA) in Geneva

“Kara oozes love and light for people, culture and success. As the world shrinks and we all become global citizens through cheap and easy travel and social media, Kara helps each of us elegantly navigate the complexity of culture and bridges the gap that normally separates us. We are our own brand. How we are seen and how we show up impacts our success. I love that Kara’s advice is born from experience and is incredibly simple to apply. “ – David T.S. Wood, Amplified Network Marketing Podcast

“The Executive Impressions website is a great resource for me and for my community of small business owners for information and training. I like that Kara explains that power in business is learned and not something we have to have been born with. It’s within everyone’s grasp to be a powerful business professional. She is a great trainer, very personable and easy to relate to. It’s especially helpful that Kara has worked with so many clients across the globe. She can offer strategic tips for engaging with different cultures in a professional capacity. For those seeking to grow their business internationally, she is an excellent resource.” – Jo Lynn, My Marketing Cafe

“Our company is focused on providing language interpreting services to organisations involved in the international business arena. So all information related to global business is crucial for us. The best part of the Executive Impressions website is the cross-cultural business tips and Kara Ronin´s charisma (for example, her videos). Kara’s advice has helped us to grow our social media followers as well as enrich our market development and business development strategies.” – Maximo, OnScreen Interpreters, Argentina