Leadership Communication Masterclass

Assertiveness Skills for Clear, Confident Communication

Do you always express your ideas and opinions in a clear, confident way during business meetings?
Do you find it hard to set boundaries or say “no” even if it means your priorities suffer as a result?

leadership communication masterclass

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The Leadership Communication Masterclass will help you get clarity on your thoughts and express yourself in an assertive, confident way in business situations. You will also learn how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about being assertive – when this block is lifted, you can tap into your assertiveness skills in the moment.

Assertive communication is a critical skill for current and aspiring leaders to master. It can help you have difficult conversations, express an idea or opinion with clarity, set boundaries by saying “no”, make clear requests to your team, and deal with manipulative criticism.

In this professional development workshop, you will
– Understand the differences between passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive communication so you can pinpoint your most frequent communication style.
– Learn about common limiting beliefs that stop you from being assertive in the moment.
– Start to conquer your limiting beliefs so you can feel more comfortable being assertive.
– Get practice using strategies for assertive communication.
– Practice applying assertive communication to business situations including making clear requests, setting boundaries or saying “no”, and dealing with manipulative criticism.

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Leaders who have the ability to communicate assertively can speak up and establish their credibility without hesitation. They also appear more authentic because people know exactly what they want, think and feel. Authentic communication is honest communication. It’s what separates managers from leaders.

The Leadership Communication Masterclass is designed for emerging leaders who want to leverage their voice and have more impact in business situations.


Date: February 21st 2020
Time: 1pm-4:30pm
Address: Liberty Executive Offices, Level 13 Citibank House, 37 St Georges Tce, Perth.
Price: Early-bird price $145 (before December 31st, 2019). Regular price $195.

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Pay via direct deposit by e-mailing Kara at contact@executive-impressions.com.

Tea and coffee will be served. Workshop will start at 1pm sharp. Please be on time.
This is an intimate workshop with limited seats available. Please book early to secure your seat.

>>To see the full schedule and topics covered in this workshop, please download the latest brochure here.

Date: October 17th 2019
Time: 1pm-4:30pm
Address: Victory Corporate Offices, Level 17, 2 The Esplanade, Perth.

Date: April 4th 2019
Time: 1pm-4:30pm
Address: Victory Corporate Offices, Level 17, 2 The Esplanade, Perth.

Date: January 31st 2019
Time: 1pm-4:30pm
Address: Victory Corporate Offices, Level 17, 2 The Esplanade, Perth.

Date: August 2nd 2018
Time: 2pm-5pm
Address: Level 14, 197 St Georges Tce

Date: June 21st 2018
Time: 2pm-5pm
Address: Level 14, 197 St Georges Tce
Price: Early-bird price $145 (before May 31st). Regular price $195.

Date: April 19th 2018
Time: 8am-11am
Address: Level 14, 197 St Georges Tce
Price: Early-bird price $145 (before April 8th). Regular price $195.


Leadership Communication Masterclass, Perth

“I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass to improve my communication skills. I liked the techniques on how to say “no” and learning that it’s okay to say “no”. This workshop will help me be a better leader”. – Justine Leon, Laboratory Manager, University of Western Australia

“I am going into a new job position in a senior role and needed technique to communicate assertively. The best part about this workshop was the recognition that lack of assertiveness has consequences. I feel this workshop will provide me with the tools to build my assertiveness muscle!” – Anonymous Participant

“I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass to get some specific feedback on how to be assertive. The best part of this workshop was learning how to conquer my fears & limiting beliefs. This workshop will help me become more reflective of my communication style”. – Heather Hingston, HSEQ Manager at Otraco International

leadership communication masterclass perth“I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass to learn ways to better assert myself in professional situations. The practical application, role plays and feedback on the role plays was the best part. This workshop will absolutely help me better manage conflict in my teams, set boundaries and deal with management” – Anonymous Participant

“I wanted to learn strategies to become more assertive so I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass with Kara. This workshop will help me a lot in my business life. The best part was learning strategies to make clear, direct requests.” – Lauren O’Neill, Manager, Hall Chadwick. (5-star rating)

leadership communication masterclass perth“I wanted to improve my communication skills and be more assertive. The best part of this workshop was the role-play and scenarios. I feel this workshop will help me make clear requests in business”. – Jess Rizzi, Hall Chadwick. (5-star rating)

“I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass because I struggled in assertive communication. What I liked best about this workshop was learning how to say “no” and face my fears. I think it will help me across the board in my business life – as a Director of a team and in negotiating with stakeholders. I really felt supported, guided and understood in this workshop. – Isabella Mitchell, Director & Founder of The Meet Up Collective

Leadership Communication Masterclass, Perth“On July 22 I officially took over as the Executive Officer for Golf Management Australia WA division. Anyone who has met me would say I’m a fairly outgoing confident person, but the reality was on the inside my confidence in the task ahead was low. I was nervous! So I signed up for Kara Ronin’s Leadership Communication Masterclass that was being held the day before I took over. The timing was perfect and I guess in a way I thought that with the right communication style and a refresh on basic skills I would get some confidence back. Well thanks to Kara meeting all of my expectations. And a big thank you to being more assertive in my communication and confident in my decision making. It has honestly made my first couple of weeks more enjoyable and less stressful and I’m looking forward to attending another workshop in the future. Thanks Kara”
– Nicole Martino, Executive Officer at Golf Management Australia, WA Division.

“I registered for the Leadership Presence Masterclass because I wanted to improve my influence and presence in business. I really liked that it was a smaller group. I think this workshop is an essential program for any aspiring leader or leader looking to advance”. – Mi-Lin Finnie, Area Manager Business Banking WA, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“The leadership presence workshop with Kara was a real eye opener, I learned a lot about myself and some of the weaknesses I have, this was daunting at first. Embracing the simple but effective strategies Kara taught me has helped address these weaknesses and I’m now working to improve my leadership presence every day. I highly recommend anyone to give this workshop a go!” – Darren Jones, Partner, Woollet Partners

“Many Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience with the recent Leadership Presence Masterclass I attended. I thought the topics covered, resources provided & your engaging presenting style will assist with my Leadership development plan. I have recommend & provided feedback internally to our Leadership Teams to assist other colleagues within Business & Private Bank, CBA with their Leadership Development.” – Dean Bennett, Asset Finance Business Development Manager, CBA

“Kara’s Leadership Presence Half-day Masterclass was a great afternoon packed with useful tools and tips to help me coach and train my new business builders with confidence. Kara leads by example and conveys confidence, warmth and a true willingness to help every client to address their individual needs. She provides a relaxed and friendly environment to encourage clients to participate throughout the afternoon” – Sharon D’Costa, Independent Consultant at Arbonne International / Entrepreneur

“Learning about the three essential elements of an outward leadership presence and how to align them with my industry was my favourite part”. – Anonymous Participant

“Today I attended Kara’s Leadership Presence Master Class on the Sunshine Coast and I’m so pleased that I did. The subject of Leadership Presence was very thoroughly covered and, to be honest, there’s more to it than I thought. The conclusion which was to write our own Leadership Presence Master Plan was a perfect way to bring it all together. I highly recommend this workshop to supervisors and managers/owners.” – Leanne, Executive Officer, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

“Kara’s workshop is well-structured. The paper tools were practical – they reinforced the concepts being discussed and were able to be used for the participants’ leadership journey” – Alex, Infectious Diseases Physician, The Prince Charles Hospital

“The standout topic in the workshop for me was learning strategies to best utilise and grow your network and which type of networking was the most beneficial. The workshop was sprinkled with some new gems that I could implement immediately to up my leadership game.” – Kara, General Manager, Profile Magazine

“Very relevant for future leaders”. – Anonymous Participant

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Kara’s half-day Leadership workshop. Kara is an outstanding presenter modelling the skills that she teaches. I enjoyed the practical manner in which Kara presented the workshop, allowing opportunities for role-play and completing worksheets to cement the principles. By the end of the workshop each participant completed a planner summarising the main points which is easy to incorporate into a more comprehensive business plan. Kara’s workshops and online courses are valuable building blocks which I intend to implement in creating a successful business.” – Amanda, Principal of Amanda Liston Legal

“The entire workshop was great and interesting. I especially liked learning about how to create a leadership outfit, getting buy-in, and the Impostor Syndrome. Thank you!”. – Marie-Helene, Directer, Migre Aussie

“Kara’s Leadership Presence Master Class attacks the key points that make you stand out from your peers and build a leadership presence. The content can easily be applied in your daily professional life and Kara’s presentation style is warm and engaging. I recommend the Half Day Master Class to anyone looking for an edge in their professional life.” Andrew, Head of Management Accounting – Automotive Holdings Group

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Founder of Executive ImpressionsKARA RONIN, founder of Executive Impressions, is a leadership coach who specialises in leadership branding, communication, reputation and relationships. Her advice and unique perspectives have been featured in numerous publications such as TIME Inc., Business Insider Australia, YFS Magazine, Leaders In Heels, and more. She is regularly interviewed on prominent podcasts and was ranked as Top 10% Most Engaging Instructor on a popular video course platform.

Kara has spent over 10 years living an international life in Japan, the USA, and Europe, and speaks Japanese as well as French. She began her career in business working for a Japanese trading house, and with a Master of Accounting degree, for one of the Big 4 accounting firms in Tokyo as an international tax consultant.

Kara works with senior to executive level clients from banking, law, accounting, and finance to help them build leadership presence, communication and reputation.