Online Training

For those who want to take charge of their own professional image, reputation, and ultimately their career success, Executive Impressions offers online training programs to clients all over the world.

  • Do you want to look poised and powerful using the right body language?
  • Do you want to dress with elegance and authority in business?
  • Do you want to project confidence and class in international business situations?

The online training programs below are designed to put you at ease and give you concrete skills so you feel more comfortable, courteous, and confident in every day business, and international business situations.

Each program is carefully designed to guide, inspire, and elevate you to success.


Powerful in BusinessImagine walking into an important client meeting knowing exactly how to own the room. 
Imagine presenting in front of your colleagues and successfully command their respect and attention. When you create a professional brand that speaks power, confidence and success, you can immediately change the way others see you in business, and the way you feel about yourself. How? Discover more about this program here.



art-executive-writingDo you want every e-mail and letter you send to magnify your “executive presence”? Many people assume that a fabulous outfit and confident body language is all they need to project an executive presence. Fact is, for a total executive presence, you need impeccable e-mail and letter writing skills, too. Discover more about this program here.


Elite Coaching Sessions with KaraIf you would like to work with Kara one-on-one in an intense coaching session and concentrate on one particular area for your career elevation, perhaps an Elite Coaching Session is for you. Click here to discover more about Kara’s Elite Coaching Sessions.






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