The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters

The Art of Executive Writing

Do you want every e-mail and letter you send to magnify your “executive presence”?

Whether you’ve just started out in the corporate world, or you have many years of experience, every time you contact a colleague, supervisor, or potential client via e-mail or letter, they make evaluations about you and your professional ability based on that e-mail or letter.

  • Are your e-mails and letters easy-to-read?
  • Is your subject line descriptive yet concise?
  • Can you alternate between formal and informal styles when needed?

Many people assume that a fabulous outfit and confident body language is all they need to project an executive presence. Fact is, for a total executive presence, you need impeccable e-mail and letter writing skills, too. That’s where e-mail and letter etiquette training becomes important.

You’re at a networking event. You strike up a conversation with somebody who looks like executive material. He presents himself well. His body language is confident. And you really feel that he is reliable, trustworthy and professional on every angle. The next day, you open your e-mail inbox, and you see a follow-up e-mail from him. You think to yourself, “Wow, he is really on top of things”. You open the e-mail and after a few seconds, you spot numerous spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and stylistic errors in his e-mail. It doesn’t look professional and it’s hard to read. You begin to re-think your first impression of him and wonder if he’s really executive material after all.


  • You’re just starting out in the corporate world and you want to impress your new boss with flawless e-mails.
  • You’re an experienced professional, but you feel your e-mail and letter writing needs a little more polish to win over those important clients.
  • English isn’t your native language, and even though you use it on a daily basis, you’re not confident your e-mails and letters meet the level of professionalism you need.

If you can relate to any of this, keep reading because The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters is an e-mail course designed especially for you.

What is The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters?

The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters is an e-mail course designed for businesspeople who really want to boost their professional image with impeccable e-mail and letter writing skills.

In this two-week program, I guide you through all of the important elements of business e-mails and letters.

You will walk away feeling more confident every time you hit “send”. Your colleagues, clients, and boss will be impressed every time they open your letters.

What will you learn in this program?

This program runs for 2 weeks. In week 1, you will learn about business e-mails. In week 2, you will learn about business letters.

Module 1 – Business E-mails

Module 1 is given in week 1 of the program. This module is designed to give you a thorough foundation for writing effective, powerful, and flawless business e-mails.

In Module 1, you will learn about:
• Golden rules for e-mail etiquette
• How to write formal and informal e-mails
• How to craft polite salutations for your e-mails
• Introducing your e-mail content with useful opening lines
• Writing the body of your e-mail (separating your content and using power writing)
• Concluding your e-mail for a lasting impression
• Signature lines for professional e-mails

Module 2 – Business Letters

Module 2 is given in week 2 of the program. This module is designed to give you the techniques and confidence to craft professional business letters.

In Module 2, you will learn about:
• Golden rules for business letter etiquette
• The difference between US and UK style letter formats
• Effective subject lines or “Re” lines for business letters
• Suitable salutations for business letters
• How to introduce your content with practical opening lines
• Writing the body of your letter (separating your content, and power writing)
• Concluding your letter with a closing paragraph
• Signing your letter correctly
• Inside the executive stationary drawer

Each module comes with a workbook and an activity book for you to complete. In the workbook or activity book, you will have access to sample e-mails, letters, and opening lines that you can use straight away in your business correspondence.

What’s included in this program?

The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters includes:

  • A 2-Module Workbook (each module is released separately in pdf format)
  • A 2-Module Activity Book (each module is released separately in pdf format)
  • Daily e-mails throughout the 2 week course to keep you on track, and you can ask questions as you progress.
Who is this program for?

The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters is designed for professional men and women who want to improve their business e-mail and letter writing ability.  You may be:

  • An experienced professional who wants to polish your e-mail and letter writing skills.
  • An entry-level professional who has never learnt how to write professional looking e-mails or letters, but wants to know how.
  • A non-native English speaker who wants to write more natural and professional looking e-mails and letters.

If you fall into any of the above categories, I invite you to enrol in this e-mail course.

Where does this program take place?

This e-mail course takes place completely online. It is designed so that I can work with clients anywhere in the world. That means, as long as you have internet access, you can be located in the most remote part of your country and still work with me one-on-one to learn The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters.

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to boost your e-mail and letter writing skills and impress your colleagues, clients, and boss, then take action by clicking on the “Yes, I want to enrol!” button below.

This 2-week e-mail course is a one-time investment of USD57 into your professional success.

You only have to learn The Art of Executive Writing: E-mails and Letters once in your professional life. The workbook, activity book and advice you learn in this program, you can keep forever.

I look forward to seeing you inside the program.


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Here’s What Others Say:

“The Executive Impressions website is a great resource for me and for my community of small business owners for information and training. I like that Kara explains that power in business is learned and not something we have to have been born with. It’s within everyone’s grasp to be a powerful business professional. She is a great trainer, very personable and easy to relate to. It’s especially helpful that Kara has worked with so many clients across the globe. She can offer strategic tips for engaging with different cultures in a professional capacity. For those seeking to grow their business internationally, she is an excellent resource.”
Jo Lynn, My Marketing Cafe

“I visit Executive Impressions predominately to get practical international business engagement and travel tips, including but not limited to etiquette. The corporate community is becoming increasingly global and professional women (my market) are definitely interested in this type of advice. I really appreciate the video tutorials as well. Since using Kara’s advice, I have become better informed on international business etiquette.” Kristina, Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Fashionista: The Fashion Blog for Women in Business, Politics and Other Working Professions

“Our company is focused on providing language interpreting services to organisations involved in the international business arena. So all information related to global business is crucial for us. The best part of the Executive Impressions website is the cross-cultural business tips and Kara Ronin´s charisma (for example, her videos). Kara’s advice has helped us to grow our social media followers as well as enrich our market development and business development strategies.” Maximo, OnScreen Interpreters, Argentina

“Kara gives value every time she posts an article on the Executive Impressions website. I believe people should know that Kara is a very open-minded person and great to work with because she has lived in different countries around the world. The etiquette advice she offers has helped to improve my interaction with others on social media. And after having the honour of interviewing Kara three times on my show, I have to say she has always brought tremendous value to my audience and me.”
Cheval, Blogger for Vallano Media.

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