International Business Etiquette Programs at Executive Impressions

Executive Impressions offers exclusive international business etiquette training programs for companies, universities, and individuals all around the world.

If you are a company or university and would like to equip your employees or students with valuable international business etiquette skills, scroll down to learn more about the Corporate Etiquette and University Etiquette programs Kara offers.

If you are an ambitious professional who wants to take charge of your own professional training and career success, scroll down to learn more about the Virtual Coaching programs that you can take part in from anywhere in the world.


Corporate Etiquette with Executive ImpressionsWhether your company is based solely in your home country, or has offices all around the world, business today is international. To sign important clients and make lucrative connections, your employees need to be prepared and equipped with the skills to make a polished first impression, and the expertise to communicate effectively with people from different countries.

Are your employees comfortable meeting and greeting across cultures?
Do your employees know the correct dining and business card protocol?
Do your employees represent your company in a polite and polished manner?
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University Etiquette with Executive ImpressionsThe job market today is competitive. For students to stand out, they need more than just a good education, they need to be equipped with strong professional and interpersonal skills.

Do your students know how to offer the right handshake in a job interview?
Are your students confident at networking events?
Do your students know how to dine with elegance and class?
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virtual-coaching-image-cropped1For those who want to take charge of their own professional image, reputation, and their career success, Kara offers her expertise in virtual etiquette coaching sessions to clients all over the world.

Do you want to look poised and powerful using the right body language?
Do you want to dress with elegance and authority in your professional life?
Do you want to radiate confidence and class in international business?
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