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networking 101: social skills for business success
Networking 101: Social Skills for Business Success
Networking 101: Social Skills for Business Success is a must-have handbook for students, new professionals, and even seasoned business people. This book provides all readers with helpful, practical and insightful information about networking events and will help you develop the social skills to make connections, meet your future boss, and get new clients. Networking 101: Social Skills for Business Success is currently in e-book and audio book format, and is available for purchase through this website.

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Ambro_FreeDigitalPhotos_ID-100470065 Key Lessons in Flexibility for International Professionals – $12
In this lesson, you’ll learn about the one quality that allows international professionals to survive and thrive other cultures – flexibility. Drawing from her personal experience of 10 years living internationally, Kara shares with you 5 key lessons she’s learned along the way.
bodylanguage-internationalbusinessBody Language of International Business – $24
This guide aims to develop your understanding of nonverbal communication across cultures so you can read people better in business situations, avoid major misunderstandings, and become better equipped to manage global business.

Networking 101: Social Skills for Business Success, Ebook Only


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