Happy Holidays and See You in 2015!

Executive Impressions Holiday Wishes for You!

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a wonderful December holidays and I hope that your home is filled with an abundance of joy, laughter and happiness. Sometime in between all the events you have planned in December, take a few minutes by yourself to reflect on all of the wonderful things that […]

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The Best from Executive Impressions for 2014

The best from executive impressions for 2014

I can’t believe we’re at the end of 2014 already! It has been a huge year for Executive Impressions. We’ve had a complete website revamp. I’ve started offering free training webinars, introduced new online training programs, and I’ve really lifted the level of advice and tips that you receive every week in my blog posts. […]

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Top 10 International Travel Tips for the Holidays

Top 10 international travel tips for the holidays

December is probably the busiest time of year for international travel. Expats head back home to spend the holidays with their family. While others take this break to explore and experience a new country or culture. If you’re taking a break from the office this December and travelling abroad, here are my top 10 tips […]

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Office Holiday Party

10 things you need to know before your office holiday party free webinar training

It’s office holiday party time again! Whenever you hear the words “office holiday party”, you probably immediately think of a whole list of things you need to “Google” on the internet. What do you wear to an office holiday party? Can you eat at an office holiday party? And, what time should you arrive to […]

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Travel Etiquette: Top 8 Executive Travel Items

Top 8 Executive Travel Items

I recently took a short flight from Lyon to Brussels. Even though this is probably one of the shortest flights I’ve ever taken in my life (1.5 hours), it still reminded me the benefits of being organised for any type of air travel.

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Access to Free Training: 6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image

access free confidence and business etiquette training

On Friday I hosted my very first webinar, and I’m delighted to say it was a wonderful success. The topic I talked about was the “6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image” and it included a lot of valuable, and practical information for ambitious professionals.

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8 Signs You Need to Express More Confidence in the Office

8 Signs You Need to Express More Confidence in the Office

1. You Hesitate to Speak Up at Business Meetings Business meetings may be the place where you most want to hide. Do you look at your phone during meetings, and pretend you’ve just received an important message? Or maybe you look at your meeting notes to pretend you’re reading. If you find yourself wanting to […]

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How to Connect at International Networking Events

How to connect at international networking events

Networking events can be daunting at the best of times. Even when you’re attending a networking event in your home country, the thought of walking up to a total stranger and striking up a conversation can be really off-putting and intimidating.

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Free Training: “6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image”


I’d love you to join me for a free training session I’m hosting on November 14th, 2014 from 4pm CET (10am EST), 
“6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image”. Looking and feeling more confident in business is something that many career driven people want. On a regular basis I receive e-mails […]

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Body Language in the Workplace: How to Stay Genuine

Body language in the office: how to stay genuine

When you work in an office environment, getting others to like you, know you, and trust you is critically important for your career progression. It’s all about being genuine and authentic so the people you work with can relate to you better.

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