EP026: Authentic Leadership: How to Remove Your Mask and Lead By Your Values

Authentic leadership, how to lead by your values

Authentic leadership. How can you lead authentically? How can you lead by your values? This is a common question I receive from many emerging leaders. You want to feel like you’re presenting a true version of yourself at work. Perhaps you want to know how to remove your mask and lead more in flow with […]

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EP025: Future of Work Insights: How Can I Future Proof My Leadership Career?

Future of work insights: How can I future proof my leadership career?

How to future proof your leadership career is a topic that many emerging leaders are thinking about right now. We’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and as a result, there is an incredible amount of change happening in the workplace today. Many jobs are becoming obsolete or changing because of automation and artificial intelligence.

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EP024: Q&A: How Can I Get My Team to Speak Up in Meetings?

How to encourage employees to speak up in meetings is a common question for new leaders. In order for you to get the most from your team and encourage creative thinking or innovative problem solving, you need to get your team to share their thoughts and opinions. 

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EP023: Creativity: How I Tap Into Creative Thinking and How You Can Too

How to start thinking creatively in business

How to think creatively and innovatively in business. How can you unleash your creative thinking as a leader?

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EP022: Why Leaders Shouldn’t Think that Business Etiquette is Old, Stuffy and Out-of-Date

Why is business etiquette important?

Why is business etiquette important in the workplace? Why should emerging leaders have skills in business etiquette? Many new leaders and young professionals think that business etiquette is old, stuffy and out-of-date. They think that skills in business etiquette will not prepare them for modern professional life.

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EP021: How Leadership Communication Has Changed in the New Working World

What is the impact of Covid-19 on workplace communication? How has workplace communication changed during Covid-19 crisis we’ve been facing the past few months?

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EP020: Q&A, How Can I Get My Unfair Boss to Notice My Hard Work?

Do you have an unfair boss who doesn’t recognise the hard work you do? Do you want to know how to deal with an unfair boss and get them to see the value you contribute? 

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EP019: Psychology of First Impressions. How You Can Control Your First Impression

What is the psychology of first impressions? How are first impressions formed? How long does it take to form a first impression? When you know how first impressions are formed, you can control the first impression you give and you can control the first impression other people form about you. 

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EP018: 3 Ways to Communicate Confidently and Show-Up Powerfully in Meetings

How to communicate confidently and speak up in meetings

How can you confidently speak up during meetings? Speaking up confidently during meetings is a challenge for many emerging leaders, especially if they’re a young professional, a woman, or more on the introverted side. But for advancement into leadership, it’s critical that others hear your ideas and opinions in meetings so you need to speak […]

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EP017: How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict

How to have difficult conversations when you don't like conflict

Do you want to learn how to have difficult conversations at work when you don’t like conflict? Knowing how to have difficult conversations in the office when you don’t like conflict is a common issue for emerging leaders. You may need to give somebody negative feedback. Perhaps you need to talk about a sensitive issue […]

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