EP011: Secrets of Self-Promotion for Consultants and New Leaders

This episode is all about self promotion for new leaders. How can you be self-promotional when you’re a consultant or a new leader? Self-promotion for new leaders can be challenging. You might feel like you’re boasting or showing off.

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EP010: How to Say “No”

How to Say No Episode 10 of The Leadership Pod

How to say no with confidence and set boundaries at work. How can you say “no” to others with confidence? Saying “no” to others can be incredibly difficult for emerging leaders and managers.

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EP009: How to Set Boundaries With Coworkers When You Get Promoted

How to Set Boundaries With Close Colleagues When You Get Promoted | How to Manage Former Peers After Promotion

How do you set boundaries with coworkers when you get promoted? How do you manage former peers when you’ve been promoted? Your relationship with them has changed. They’re used to the old boundaries. But now you have to re-educate them as to where the new boundaries are.

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EP008: Q&A: How to Craft an Expert “About Section” on Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Create a LinkedIn About Section

How do you create an expert LinkedIn About Section? The About Section on your LinkedIn profile is confusing for many people. What do you write about? Should you write anything at all? This causes many to leave their About Section blank or to write something vague about who they are professionally.

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EP007: Top Soft Skills for Future Leaders

Episode 007, The Leadership Pod, Top Soft Skills for Future Leaders

What are the top soft skills that future leaders and managers need to succeed in today’s workplace? Many new managers aren’t equipped with the soft skills they need to lead a team. They’re usually promoted based on the level of technical skill they have, or the number of years of experiences they have.

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EP006: How to Reinvent Your Leadership Brand When You Get Promoted

Episode 006, How to Reinvent Your Leadership Brand When You Get Promoted

How do you reinvent your leadership brand when you get promoted? As you rise higher in your career, you will need to reinvent your leadership brand. This can happen when you move up to the next level, for example from manager to senior manager, or if you move to a different industry or start your […]

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EP005: 5 Reasons Why You Should Speak Up In Meetings

Episode 005 The Leadership Pod: 5 Reasons Why You Should Speak Up in Meetings

Why should you speak up in meetings if you’re an emerging leader? One of the biggest barriers to building visibility that I see with my clients is not speaking up in meetings, especially when they have an idea, opinion or suggestion to share with the room.

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How the Coronavirus Has Changed the Etiquette of Business Interactions

Mobile learning, learning and development trends

The way we interact with others in business has been disrupted. The public health crisis we’re currently facing in 2020, the Coronavirus, has led to many of the etiquette habits that were commonly used to foster good relationships in business to vanish, at least until this pandemic is under control.

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EP004: Q&A Episode: How Can I Get Noticed and Rewarded for the Great Work That I Do?

Episode 004, Q&A: How Can I be rewarded for the great work that I do?

How to get your boss to notice your hard work and stop being overlooked in the workplace. This is the topic for the first Q&A Episode for The Leadership Pod. The specific question I was asked was, “How Can I Get Noticed and Rewarded for the Great Work That I Do?”. This question came to […]

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EP003: How to Start Building a Strong Leadership Brand in 2020

Episode 003, How to Build a Strong Leadership Brand in 2020

You’ve no doubt heard of personal branding. Emerging leaders need something stronger than that. They need to build a leadership brand so they can be recognised as somebody with leadership potential.

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