Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
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“Mrs Ronin drew from her international experience to provide students with a structured approach and some solid practical advice. She shared invaluable tips and motivated students.” Pierre Hugot, Geneva Business School Career Support Centre

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“Having worked in a leadership role for a number of years and having already completed many leadership and customer service training courses and events, I was pleasantly surprised by how much new information and many new techniques I took away from Kara’s Leadership Presence Half-Day Masterclass. In such a short space of time, Kara covered multiple important topics and provided helpful and practical advice that I found easy to implement. I highly recommend anyone in a leadership role attend the course regardless of their experience and field”. Madeline Rimmer, Operations Director, Liberty Executive Offices, Perth, Australia.


“Kara is an engaging presenter and our members who were present at the luncheon walked away feeling better equipped to do business with people from China and India in a polite and professional manner. If I find myself travelling to China or India, I’ll know who to call !” John Campbell, President of International Financial Management Association (IFMA), Geneva

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Kara’s half-day Leadership workshop. Kara is an outstanding presenter modelling the skills that she teaches. I enjoyed the practical manner in which Kara presented the workshop, allowing opportunities for role-play and completing worksheets to cement the principles. By the end of the workshop each participant completed a planner summarising the main points which is easy to incorporate into a more comprehensive business plan. Kara’s workshops and online courses are valuable building blocks which I intend to implement in creating a successful business.” – Amanda, Principal of Amanda Liston Legal, Australia.

“Kara teaches us everything we didn’t learn in business school – how to move from shallow to deep conversations, what to wear and how to speak in job interviews, how to connect with strangers, and so much more. This should be a required course for any entrepreneur or business person. She’s thoughtful, clear and engaging.” – Sarah Dunn (Student of Business Etiquette 101 Video Course), We Live Limitless Podcast, USA.

“The leadership presence workshop with Kara was a real eye opener, I learned a lot about myself and some of the weaknesses I have, this was daunting at first. Embracing the simple but effective strategies Kara taught me has helped address these weaknesses and I’m now working to improve my leadership presence every day. I highly recommend anyone to give this workshop a go!” – Darren Jones, Partner, Woollet Partners, Australia.

“Excellent! A unique course and a must for all those aspiring to be great leaders.Thank you Kara for the wonderful insights. Appreciate the way you have designed and delivered the course. Kudos!” – Lepakshi (Student of Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge Video Course)

“Today I attended Kara’s Leadership Presence Master Class on the Sunshine Coast and I’m so pleased that I did. The subject of Leadership Presence was very thoroughly covered and, to be honest, there’s more to it than I thought. The conclusion which was to write our own Leadership Presence Master Plan was a perfect way to bring it all together. I highly recommend this workshop to supervisors and managers/owners.” – Leanne, Executive Officer, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, Australia.

“Many Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience with the recent Leadership Presence Masterclass I attended. I thought the topics covered, resources provided & your engaging presenting style will assist with my leadership development plan. I have recommended & provided feedback internally to our leadership teams to assist other colleagues within Business & Private Bank with their leadership development.” – Dean Bennett, Asset Finance Business Development Manager, CBA, Australia.

“Kara oozes love and light for people, culture and success. As the world shrinks and we all become global citizens through cheap and easy travel and social media, Kara helps each of us elegantly navigate the complexity of culture and bridges the gap that normally separates us. We are our own brand. How we are seen and how we show up impacts our success. I love that Kara’s advice is born from experience and is incredibly simple to apply.”
David T.S. Wood, Amplified Network Marketing Podcast

“The Executive Impressions website is a great resource for me and for my community of small business owners for information and training. I like that Kara explains that power in business is learned and not something we have to have been born with. It’s within everyone’s grasp to be a powerful business professional. She is a great trainer, very personable and easy to relate to. It’s especially helpful that Kara has worked with so many clients across the globe. She can offer strategic tips for engaging with different cultures in a professional capacity. For those seeking to grow their business internationally, she is an excellent resource.”
Jo Lynn, My Marketing Cafe

“I visit Executive Impressions predominately to get practical international business engagement and travel tips, including but not limited to etiquette. The corporate community is becoming increasingly global and professional women (my market) are definitely interested in this type of advice. I really appreciate the video tutorials as well. Since using Kara’s advice, I have become better informed on international business etiquette.” Kristina, Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Fashionista: The Fashion Blog for Women in Business, Politics and Other Working Professions