EP002: Why You Need to Think About Leadership Development Early in Your Career

Why think about leadership development early in your career? Many emerging leaders don’t think about their leadership development until something dramatic has happened to them in their career.

Maybe they’ve been overlooked for a promotion or perhaps they don’t receive the high-level projects they need to prove themselves.

These critical events push people to start thinking about at their leadership development. Have you experienced critical events like these? Is that why you’re interested in this podcast?

When you’re early in your career, things generally go smoothly for you. You don’t have much responsibility and most of your effort goes toward learning the job.

But at some stage, you might reach a breaking point. You might start to notice obstacles or blocks appearing in your career journey.

It’s at this point, you’re likely to understand how important leadership development is in your career and wished you’d invested in it earlier.

In this episode, I go into five reasons why you need to think about leadership development early in your career so you can be ready before a leadership opportunity lands in your lap.

What will you learn in this episode?

In this episode, “Why You Need to Think About Leadership Development Early in Your Career”, I discuss:

  • How people wait for a critical event to happen before they think about their leadership development.
  • A whole other area of your professional development (your soft skills) that is critically important in leadership.
  • How learning about leadership early in your career helps you advance faster.
  • Learning about leadership development can help you differentiate yourself and stand out.
  • Bosses are risk averse and they need to see you demonstrate leadership capability before they promote you.
  • You need to have your own interests in mind for your career journey because your boss may not.
  • How Jack Welch, ex-CEO of General Electric, stood out from the pack to become a great leader.
Why you need to think about leadership development early in your career

Listen to this episode here.

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Why you need to think about leadership development early in your career
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