Why Personal Branding Should Be Your Focus in 2017

Why is personal branding important? How does it impact your reputation in business? Do you think if you keep your head down and produce good work, others will robotically hand you a promotion? If so, how has this approach worked for you so far?

I ask you these probing questions because time and time again in my workshops, coaching sessions or via e-mail, I hear from my students how desperately they want to be noticed and recognised by their boss and peers.

They want to be noticed for their hard work. They want their opinions and ideas to be taken seriously and heard. They want to build a lasting reputation and become known as experts in their field. These are all fantastic desires to have.

However, what I find happens is there is a stigma attached to taking charge of your reputation and this stigma deters people from taking action. Highly competent, driven and achieved professionals become reluctant to work on their personal brand, or help others see their potential, because they fear it’s scheming or egotistical.

Taking charge of your personal brand is taking charge of your future. It’s about being proactive about achieving your goals. It’s about taking strategic steps toward those goals and making sure that others notice you as you move to the next level.

In the business environment that you operate in today, where companies reduce their workforce and clients quickly move to cheaper alternatives, it’s perilous to leave your success and your future in the hands of somebody else, or worse, to chance.

If you don’t promote your potential and the value that you add to a company or client, others will promote theirs, and they will get noticed instead of you.

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You need to take charge of your reputation, your visibility, and your brand. You need to decide how you would like to be seen by others, what you want to be known for, and take planned steps to get there.

There are three questions I want you to ask yourself right now:

  1. Are you happy with your current professional success?
  2. Do you feel the people you work with notice your potential and value?
  3. If your career or business keeps progressing the way it has in the last 1-2 years, will you reach your intended goals within the next 6 months?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you need to start taking action today. Don’t wait for others to notice your potential because if they haven’t by now, chances are, they won’t.

Where do you start? There are three options:

  1. You can become a student of one of my video courses. These are good options if you want to learn in a flexible way.
  2. You can enroll in one of my workshops, the Leadership Presence Half-Day Masterclass or Create Meaningful and Profitable Connections in Business. These options will give you a solid direction to get started.
  3. If you’re serious about your personal brand and want strategic guidance, encouragement and to be pushed to build your leadership reputation, then I invite you to work with me personally in a 6-month coaching program.


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