Top 8 Executive Travel Items

Travel Etiquette: Top 8 Executive Travel Items

Are you looking for travel essentials for a comfortable flight? I recently took a short flight from Lyon to Brussels. Even though this is probably one of the shortest flights I’ve ever taken in my life (1.5 hours), it still reminded me the benefits of being organised for any type of air travel.

When you take into account your journey to the airport, check in time, getting to your gate, waiting to board the plane, boarding the plane, and then doing all that in reverse when you arrive at your destination, it really makes you realise how important it is to be ultra organised.

If you’re looking for tips that can help make your next business or social trip a whole lot more comfortable and less stressful, keep reading for my recommended list of items to take. This list is created for those readers who prefer to travel with a carry-on case only, and no check in luggage.

1. A 4-Wheel Carry-On Case

If you’ve never experienced the smooth roll of a good quality 4-wheel carry-on case, this should be the first item you add to your list. I bought my first 4-wheel carry-on case in Japan and since then, I’ve never looked back.

If you’re looking for a 4-wheel carry on case, I urge you to check out the stylish, chic, and very practical LAMOVE Mobile Closet by Max Mirani.

2. Passport and Travel Document Holder

Whether you’re going on an international or a domestic flight, you’ll need somewhere safe and easily accessible to put your important travel documents. This includes your passport, boarding pass, and any other itineraries that are related to your trip. All of these documents should be in the same folder or pouch for easy accessibility.

My recommended passport and travel document holder for air travel is the Bellroy Passport Sleeve

3. Roll-On Perfume

Perfume can instantly revitalize you at the end of a long-haul flight. But you don’t want to spray your favourite perfume on the plane when others around you could be allergic or sensitive to that particular scent. There is a solution: roll-on perfume. It’s light, travel-friendly, and it won’t overpower the person sitting next to you on the plane.

L’occitane has an excellent range of roll-on perfumes for your air travel

4. Slip-On shoes

Not only for your comfort when you’re inside the plane, slip-on shoes will also make your clearance through security swift and smooth. It’s complicated enough to remove your computer from your bag, remove your belt and then put this all away after you’ve cleared security. You really don’t want to worry about tying your shoe laces on top of all that.

5. A Small Hand Towel

Here is a fabulous tip that I picked up while living in Japan: keep a small hand towel in your hand luggage (I even keep one in my hand bag). Use it when you want to freshen up on the plane or at the airport. When you’re going to a new destination, it’s calming and revitalizing to dry your hands on a nicely patterned, soft hand towel that is yours.

The Burberry range of small hand towels really are the best. You can easily locate them on eBay or other online stores

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I was recently offered to try out a pair of noise cancelling headphones at a local electronics store. At first, I was a little reluctant and really didn’t believe they could cancel out all the noise around me. But as soon as the product demonstrator flicked the noise cancelling switch and turned on the music, it was like I was standing in my own private recording studio. These things are amazingly silent. If you’re somebody who likes to travel on an airplane or train with pure silence, I highly recommend a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

The noise cancelling headphones I tried were a pair of BOSE QuietComfort® 25

7. Travel Size Toiletries

If you only have carry-on luggage, you’ll want to pack toiletries that are in miniature sizes so you can take them on the plane. Often the limit is less than 100ml per bottle/jar. Many cosmetic brands stock travel sized toiletry items to fill this need, so before your trip ask at the shop where you normally buy your cosmetics if they have travel size items available.

My recommended online shop to find travel size toiletries is: Sephora

8. Scarf or Pashmina

Just like your own hand towel, a scarf or pashmina brings a little familiarity and coziness to your in-flight experience. Wrap yourself with it to keep warmer on the plane and if you’re visiting a culture where showing skin is frowned upon, keep it in your bag so you can cover up if it’s necessary.

Now I want to hear from you. Did I miss an item? Tell what you take to make your air travel smooth and comfortable.

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