Powerful, Confident Body Language for Women

powerful, confident body language for women

In the world of body language, we’€™re often told that if you want to project power and confidence, you need to take up more space. Make yourself appear larger than life to claim your place in the world. Take larger strides when you walk into a room. Put your hands on your hips and stand […]

Professional Branding: Build the First Impression You Want on LinkedIn

Formula for a Magnetic Personal Summary on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful, powerful online networking platform. It’s not only where hiring managers go to find information about potential job candidates or where clients go to source information about service providers, it’s where business people will form a first impression about you.

5 Common Body Language Mistakes on International Business Trips

5 common body language mistakes on international business trips

When your boss tells you that you’re being sent on an international business trip, your mind probably fills with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. You carefully prepare your suitcase, your professional attire, and your business notes. You may even learn how to say hello€ and €œthank you€ in the native language of where […]

What to Pack for a Winter Business Trip (for Men)

What to pack on a winter business trip for men

Recently I posted an article for the ladies offering tips on how to pack for a typical 4-day business trip in winter. Today I’€™m offering practical advice for the savvy businessman.

5 Practical Tips for Interview Success – Part 1

5 Practical Tips for Interview Success

Did you know that you have about 10 seconds from the moment you walk through the doors of an interview room to win over your interviewer? During this time, your interviewer will be looking at the clothes you wear, the way you stand, and will evaluate the grip of your handshake. From this information, they will form an opinion of you, your abilities, your personality, and will have already decided whether you are right for the job. Scary, I know!

The Secret of Colour for a Powerful Professional Image

The Secret of Colour for a Powerful Professional Image

Do you ever wonder why at networking events some people immediately stand out from the crowd while you seem to move through unnoticed like a ghost? In my experience, it is often because those people have discovered the secret of colour to create a powerful professional image.

How to Exchange Business Cards in Japan and China


When you exchange business cards in Japan or China, you are not simply exchanging names that are written on small pieces of card. You are exchanging important human emotions, which can take a business meeting from an ordinary first encounter to a fruitful long-term relationship.

French, Japanese, and American Style Handshakes

French, Japanese and American style handshakes

An interesting thing I have noticed throughout my travels is that each country has their own unique handshake style. From the strength of the grip to the number of times you shake, handshakes can differ greatly. If you are not aware of these cultural differences you could walk away from an important business meeting with a costly wrong impression.