EP018: 3 Ways to Communicate Confidently and Show-Up Powerfully in Meetings

How can you confidently speak up during meetings? Speaking up confidently during meetings is a challenge for many emerging leaders, especially if they’re a young professional, a woman, or more on the introverted side. But for advancement into leadership, it’s critical that others hear your ideas and opinions in meetings so you need to speak […]

EP016: Q&A: How Can I Use Confident Body Language in the Workplace?

Do you want to use confident body language in the workplace? Perhaps you want to look more confident during business meetings. Or maybe you want to learn how to project confidence in difficult or stressful situations.

EP015: The Science of Confident Body Language and Leadership

Are you looking for advice on confident body language and leadership? Do you want to appear more confident as a leader? Studies have shown that by making slight changes to your body language and by using high-power poses, you can increase your level of confidence and feel more powerful as a leader. 

EP005: 5 Reasons Why You Should Speak Up In Meetings

Why should you speak up in meetings if you’re an emerging leader? One of the biggest barriers to building visibility that I see with my clients is not speaking up in meetings, especially when they have an idea, opinion or suggestion to share with the room.

How to Set Boundaries With Close Colleagues When You Get Promoted

How can you set boundaries at work when you get promoted? Emerging leaders who transition into a leadership role often experience a certain amount of anxiety when they have to set boundaries with team members who were previously their peers.

5 Key Lessons in Flexibility for International Professionals – Lesson #1

How to get comfortable with uncertainty. I believe that everybody should have an international experience at some stage in their life. Whether it’s travelling abroad for an extended vacation, or moving to another country for a number of years, exposing yourself to different cultures and languages can help you develop valuable life skills.

4 Ways to Feel More Positive and Confident

How can I feel more positive and confident? Spring in France is a wonderful time of year.

4 Body Language Mistakes in the Office

Are you making body language mistakes at work? When you’ve worked so hard to climb the corporate ladder, build your education and technical skill, that last thing you want is to damage your professional reputation with the wrong body language gestures in the office.