EP010: How to Say “No”

How to say no with confidence and set boundaries at work. How can you say “no” to others with confidence? Saying “no” to others can be incredibly difficult for emerging leaders and managers.

9 Reasons Why Assertive Communication is Important for New Leaders

Assertive communication is a difficult skill to learn for many new leaders, especially if you’re coming from a more passive style of communication. Not only do you need to master verbal communication strategies, but also the mindset that helps you become as assertive communicator.

21 Soft Skills Future Leaders Need to Be Successful

What are the top soft skills for future leaders if you want to be successful in your career? Technical skills will only get you so far in your career. This, unfortunately, is a critical message that new leaders are not enlightened with at college or university.

How to Give Bad News Without Crushing your Colleague

Do you have bad news you need to deliver to a colleague? Do you want to give bad news to your colleague without crushing them? Nobody likes to give bad news. It’s uncomfortable. It brings up feelings of guilt. You become concerned about hurting or offending the other person. You don’t want to damage your […]

How to Set Boundaries With Close Colleagues When You Get Promoted

How can you set boundaries at work when you get promoted? Emerging leaders who transition into a leadership role often experience a certain amount of anxiety when they have to set boundaries with team members who were previously their peers.

Leadership Workshop Event Schedule 2019, Perth

Are you looking for leadership courses in Perth WA? I have been asked a number of times when I’m planning my next leadership workshops for 2019. In this article, you will find an event schedule which outlines all of the leadership training workshops that I have planned in 2019 in Perth, Australia.