Special Release: Audio Presentation Kit on Business Etiquette in China and India SAMPLE

When I decided to launch the Executive Impressions’ newsletter on confidence and class, I released for a limited time a sample of my first product launch: an Audio Presentation Kit on Business Etiquette in China and India. This free gift was so popular with my newsletter subscribers, I decided to make it available to all of my loyal readers on this blog. In this sample, you will find over 10 minutes of combined audio and presentation slides (.mp4 format) that will give you a few tips when doing business in China and India.

The Cultural Intelligence CLICK!

It was a historic day in 1972. An elegantly dressed lady steps out of a plane, walks down a set of stairs onto a tarmac in China. It was the first time she had ever set foot in this mystifying country, and was only mildly familiar with its culture. Yet, she immediately connected.

How to Exchange Business Cards in Japan and China

When you exchange business cards in Japan or China, you are not simply exchanging names that are written on small pieces of card. You are exchanging important human emotions, which can take a business meeting from an ordinary first encounter to a fruitful long-term relationship.