Powerful, Confident Body Language for Women

powerful, confident body language for women

In the world of body language, we’€™re often told that if you want to project power and confidence, you need to take up more space. Make yourself appear larger than life to claim your place in the world. Take larger strides when you walk into a room. Put your hands on your hips and stand […]

3 Ways to Magnify Your Likeability and Get More Clients

People do business with others they know, like and trust. This concept is paramount to any business relationship. It is the key to your success as a business person. It is what will make lucrative clients want to do business with you. It is what will make senior executives want to promote you.

24 Reasons Why Social Skills Are the Key to Business Success

Strong social skills are the difference between a good business person and a great one. Yet in business, the importance of social skills are often overlooked and neglected.

Netiquette: The Art of Social Media for Your Business

Executive Impressions Facebook Etiquette Tips

Prior to social media, potential clients would often make buying decisions based on recommendations from family and friends. As long as your business generated positive word of mouth, new clients would arrive with enthusiasm and approval.

Lesson #4 – It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

This week I’m sharing with you the fourth lesson in flexibility I’ve learned on my international travels.

Lesson #2: Learn to Adapt in International Business

Last week I released Lesson 1 of “5 Keys Lessons in Flexibility for International Professionals”. Click here to access Lesson 1. This week I’m sharing with you the second lesson in flexibility I’ve learned on my international travels.

5 Key Lessons in Flexibility for International Professionals – Lesson #1

I believe that everybody should have an international experience at some stage in their life. Whether it’s travelling abroad for an extended vacation, or moving to another country for a number of years, exposing yourself to different cultures and languages can help you develop valuable life skills.

Super Simple Networking Tip #1 of 3: In Which Hand Should You Hold Your Glass?

super simple networking tip part 1 of 3

Networking events are often the most confusing and daunting part of doing business for professionals of all ages and all levels of experience.

4 Ways to Feel More Positive and Confident

4 Ways to Feel More Positive and Confident

Spring in France is a wonderful time of year. The days start to get longer and you begin to see the flowers bloom after months of cloudy grey winter. You know that summer is on it’s way. It’s an amazing time of year.

5 Common Body Language Mistakes on International Business Trips

5 common body language mistakes on international business trips

When your boss tells you that you’re being sent on an international business trip, your mind probably fills with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. You carefully prepare your suitcase, your professional attire, and your business notes. You may even learn how to say hello€ and €œthank you€ in the native language of where […]