How to Make a Soft Voice Sound Confident (EP048)

How can you make a soft voice sound confident? This is a question I commonly receive from emerging leaders. Many people have a soft voice. And this can prevent you from sounding confident and assertive in business.  This is a situation that I’ve faced in my life, particularly in my early 20s. Since then I’ve […]

EP044: How to Sound Smart and Confident at Work

How to sound smart and confident at work is an issue for many emerging leaders. You want your coworkers and boss to see you as intelligent and credible. You also want them to see you as a confident leader. Discovering how to sound smart and confident at work will absolutely help you achieve this.

EP038: Disagreement Deadlock? How to Get Out of One

In the workplace, you might come across a situation where you and a coworker have a difference of opinion. This is a situation where you and your colleague cannot agree on an issue. You’re in a disagreement deadlock. Disagreement deadlocks are difficult situations to be in. They can quickly lead to tension. They erode productivity […]

EP037: How to Disagree Assertively With Someone at Work

Learning how to disagree assertively with someone at work is a key skill that emerging leaders need to master. As you climb higher in the corporate world, you need to make your opinion known. You need to look like an independent thinker if you want to establish the reputation as a leader. And disagreeing with […]

EP036: Why Disagreeing Makes You Look Like a Leader

What are the benefits of disagreeing? Why do you need to disagree as a leader? Many people avoid disagreeing. It can be daunting, especially if you’re disagreeing with somebody more powerful than you. However, in leadership, it’s critical that you develop the skill to disagree when you need to and want to. 

EP029: Use This One Strategy to Delegate Assertively at Work

Are you looking for an effective technique to delegate assertively at work? As a leadership coach, I’ve found that many emerging leaders don’t delegate effectively. Either they avoid it because they don’t know how to do it, or their attempts at delegating are not effective.

EP028: Why Do New Leaders Need to Be Assertive?

Why do leaders need to communicate assertively? Why is assertive communication important in leadership? There are a number of reasons why you should learn how to communicate assertively as a leader. However, many shy away from it, especially if they’re coming from a more passive style of communication.

EP027: 5 Secrets to Having Difficult Conversations

Are you curious about how to have a difficult conversation at work? Do you avoid difficult conversations? Perhaps you get daunted at the thought of having an assertive conversation with somebody.

EP021: How Leadership Communication Has Changed in the New Working World

What is the impact of Covid-19 on workplace communication? How has workplace communication changed during Covid-19 crisis we’ve been facing the past few months?

EP017: How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict

Do you want to learn how to have difficult conversations at work when you don’t like conflict? Knowing how to have difficult conversations in the office when you don’t like conflict is a common issue for emerging leaders. You may need to give somebody negative feedback. Perhaps you need to talk about a sensitive issue […]