Productivity Tips for a Powerful 2015

Are you looking for productivity tips when working from home? At the start of every year, as well as setting new goals for the things I want to achieve in that year, I also like to tap back into my personal work pattern and create a working atmosphere where I know will be the most productive.

This is extremely important if you run your own business, but it’s equally important if you work in an office environment.

Tapping into and working at your most productive level means you work better, faster, and you reach your goals sooner.

Here are some things to consider when finding your optimum level of productivity:

1. Set Boundaries With Your Family and Friends

This is especially important if you work from home, like I do. Setting boundaries with those people whom you live or often spend time with is extremely important if you want to remain productive and move ahead in life.

2. Know When You Are The Most Productive

Some people are more productive in the morning. Others are night owls and do their best work when everyone else is asleep. To stay productive with your work, you really need to pinpoint what hours you are the most productive.

3. Know Where You Are The Most Productive

This could be the quietest room in your house where nobody is going to disturb you, or it could be the busiest cafe in your city. Some people need calm and quiet to concentrate, but others can produce the most work in a noisy environment.

4. Organise Yourself With Schedules and Planners

I love organising. I love creating planners and lists to help me with my workflow. At minimum you should have a weekly diary or planner so you know what tasks lie ahead for that week. But I like to go one step further and create a yearly planner with goals outlined for every month.


I find that I work best when I have a bigger picture of the year ahead. I encourage you to try a yearly planner and a weekly planner, too.

5. Exercise Regularly to Get That Brainpower Flowing

Apart from the obvious health benefits, exercise also has a huge impact on your level of mental energy and productivity. When you exercise you get the blood flowing all through your body, including your brain. With this renewed energy, you’ll be able to work for longer, faster, and get more done in the same amount of time. Plus, if you have a creative job, exercise can help you come up with better ideas and new creations.

6. Get to Work!

There’s no better time than right now. Stop putting off your tasks and goals until tomorrow. If you’ve created an ultimate productive environment, then open up your planner and laptop, and start working on those tasks, now.

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