How to Improve Your Leadership Presence

Do you want to improve your leadership presence? Do you want to infuse more confidence, power and authority into your business interactions?

The reality is, nobody is born a leader. Leadership is something you must learn and develop, one skill at a time.

From the outfit you wear to the office, to the words you use when you communicate with your coworkers, clients or boss, your ability to project leadership presence is something you can craft and refine.

Leadership presence is something you have complete control over.

Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge

Recently, the new CEO of Deloitte Australia announced that she invested one-year into preparing her pitch for the CEO position to make sure she would get it. She developed a plan to prepare herself mentally, emotionally, and she even hired a professional coach so that she would have no regrets.

Even highly achieved executives still work on their professional and leadership development to move closer to their career goals.

You can do this, too. And the earlier you start the better. By learning one skill at a time, you can gradually implement leadership skills into your current job.
– After a couple of days working on your leadership presence, you’ll be able to speak up at business meetings with less hesitancy.
– After a few days, powerful body language will start to become part of your natural demeanour.
– After a couple of months, you will feel more prepared and confident to ask for a promotion.

In January and February, 2016, Executive Impressions is hosting a Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge for you. This challenge is an e-mail based training program, designed to help you build and refine your leadership presence for 2016.

I’ve opened this program up at an extremely affordable price of $9.97 because I know that this is a hot topic for many business people, however this advice is often unaccessible or unaffordable.

During the Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge, you will learn elite, valuable, actionable tips that are drawn straight from my popular online training program, Powerful In Business.

If you want to communicate with strength and authority, master power body language, and develop the mindset of a leader, then this 30 day challenge is for you. Both men and women are welcome to join.

The doors close for this program on December 29th, 2015. Please hurry if you want to join us.

Leadership Presence 30 Day Challenge

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