Free Training: “6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image”

I’d love you to join me for a free training session I’m hosting on November 14th, 2014 from 4pm CET (10am EST), 
“6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image”.

Looking and feeling more confident in business is something that many career driven people want. On a regular basis I receive e-mails from students or even experienced professionals asking questions such as, “How can I look more confident in the office?”, or “What type of confident body language will help me get further ahead in my business and social life?”.

You may find answers to these questions by looking through the wealth of information already on the Executive Impressions blog. But I often find instead of learning what to do, it’s also important to pinpoint bad habits that might be holding you back, and learn what not to do when you want to create a confident and powerful image.

To help you understand the bad habits you should avoid when creating a confident and powerful image, and get you ahead in your professional and social life, I’ve created a free training session and you are invited to register.

In this free training session, I’ll be sharing the “6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image” and I’ll even give you some practical tips that will help you know what to do instead.

Click on the image below to register for this free training session.


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