Executive Impressions TV is on YouTube

Can you find advice around leadership and communication on YouTube? Today I have a special announcement for you.

My YouTube Channel is now launched! You can get your weekly advice on leadership, communication, business etiquette, and more in high-quality video format straight from YouTube.

To visit Kara Ronin on YouTube, follow this link.

You’ll also find a range of practical and educational information drawn from fields such as international business etiquette, business etiquette, leadership skills, and executive communication around the world.

My hope is that every time you visit this YouTube Channel, you’ll learn at least one new strategy or insight into human behaviour that will give you an advantage in your professional life.

If you want to give me your insight or ideas for future video topics, please fill out this form.

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About Kara

Kara Ronin is the founder of Executive Impressions. She is an executive coach who specialises in leadership presence, social skills and business etiquette. She is also the creator of Bestselling Udemy course, Business Etiquette 101. Kara’s advice and unique perspectives have been featured in Time Inc., Business Insider, Ignites Europe (a Financial Times Service), The Muse, The Local France, The West Australian, and more. Kara works regularly with lawyers, investment bankers, and finance professionals to help them build presence, authority and influence in business. Get Kara's insights delivered straight to your inbox