Do You Want to Be Powerful In Business?

How can I be powerful in business? This is a common question from business women and men.

If you’re career-driven and ambitious, I’m positive you’ve read about this topic at some stage. I have to admit, it’s a topic that I’m deeply fascinated with. And in fact, I wish I’d known a little more about it when I first began my career in business.

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of research done about executive presence. How do you get it? How do you project it?

What researchers have found is that when you want to establish executive presence or project power in business, how you look, how you act, and how you sound matter.

This finding doesn’t surprise me. Back in 1936, the Dale Carnegie Institute found that “even in technical fields such as engineering, 15% of your success is due to technical knowledge, and 85% of your success is due to skill in human engineering, personality, and the ability to lead people”.

If leadership skills and executive presence are so crucial to success, why don’t university degrees focus more on these soft-skills?

Powerful In Business Program Information

That’s why I created “Powerful In Business”, to help people just like you develop these core skills to unleash your executive power and move forward in life.

Powerful In Business is a 3-week online training program where you’ll learn style, body language, and voice strategies to look, act and sound like a leader.

If you want to know how to magnetise people when you walk into a room, or how to get others to listen to your ideas and opinions, then I encourage you to click on the link below and join me in this program.

Click on this link to discover Powerful In Business (For Women).

Click on this link to discover Powerful In Business (For Men).

Do you want to be powerful in business?

*Please note: This program is no longer running. To see my current programs, please visit the link below to view my video courses.

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