EP018: 3 Ways to Communicate Confidently and Show-Up Powerfully in Meetings

How can you confidently speak up during meetings? Speaking up confidently during meetings is a challenge for many emerging leaders, especially if they’re a young professional, a woman, or more on the introverted side. But for advancement into leadership, it’s critical that others hear your ideas and opinions in meetings so you need to speak […]

How to Set Boundaries With Close Colleagues When You Get Promoted

How can you set boundaries at work when you get promoted? Emerging leaders who transition into a leadership role often experience a certain amount of anxiety when they have to set boundaries with team members who were previously their peers.

How to Reverse A Damaged Go-To Expert Reputation

Are you wondering how to fix a damaged reputation in business? Many high-achieving business people I talk with, women or men, come up against a similar roadblock in their career when they reach a certain level of seniority.

9 Social Skills Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Business

What are social skills mistakes in business that you should avoid? When you meet somebody at a networking event, do you know how to choose the right group to talk to?

The Etiquette of Customer Service: How to Greet Clients With Warmth & Friendliness

Whether you run a service based or product based business, the success of your business hinges on the connection you make with each and every client who walks through your door. Whether it’s a new client or a repeat client, the way you make that person feel while they’re in your “place of business,” is […]

Productivity Tips for a Powerful 2015

Are you looking for productivity tips when working from home? At the start of every year, as well as setting new goals for the things I want to achieve in that year, I also like to tap back into my personal work pattern and create a working atmosphere where I know will be the most […]

Happy Holidays and See You in 2015!

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a wonderful December holidays and I hope that your home is filled with an abundance of joy, laughter and happiness. Sometime in between all the events you have planned in December, take a few minutes by yourself to reflect on all of the wonderful things that […]

10 Myths About Confidence

Since I started the Executive Impressions blog, I’ve had many readers contact me asking about the same thing: confidence. How do you get it? How can you get more of it? It seems that confidence is something many feel they don’t have enough of.

3 More Tips on Doing Business in France

A few months ago, I posted an article offering 3 Tips on Doing Business in France. This week, I want to expand this advice because I know many of you are intrigued about France and are interested in learning about French business etiquette in this wonderfully sophisticated country.

Office Etiquette Tips to Welcome New Colleagues

Are you wondering how to welcome new colleagues? You’ve survived the holidays, you’ve welcomed in the New Year, and now you have to transition back into office life. When you arrive back at your desk with your holiday glow, there may be some new faces to welcome into your team.