EP021: How Leadership Communication Has Changed in the New Working World

What is the impact of Covid-19 on workplace communication? How has workplace communication changed during Covid-19 crisis we’ve been facing the past few months?

Professional Branding: Build the First Impression You Want on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn personal branding and how can you get it? LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build your personal brand. It’s not only where hiring managers go to find information about potential job candidates or where clients go to source information about service providers, it’s where business people will form a first impression about […]

Netiquette: The Art of Social Media for Your Business

Why is netiquette important? Prior to social media, potential clients would often make buying decisions based on recommendations from family and friends. As long as your business generated positive word of mouth, new clients would arrive with enthusiasm and approval.

E-mail Etiquette for a Total Executive Presence

When you read about developing your “executive presence”, you automatically think of your professional attire, your body language, and possibly your voice. But have you thought about your business email etiquette?