EP011: Secrets of Self-Promotion for Consultants and New Leaders

This episode is all about self promotion for new leaders. How can you be self-promotional when you’re a consultant or a new leader? Self-promotion for new leaders can be challenging. You might feel like you’re boasting or showing off.

EP008: Q&A: How to Craft an Expert “About Section” on Your LinkedIn Profile

How do you create an expert LinkedIn About Section? The About Section on your LinkedIn profile is confusing for many people. What do you write about? Should you write anything at all? This causes many to leave their About Section blank or to write something vague about who they are professionally.

9 Reasons to Attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass in 2020

Why should you attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass? Taking time off from your job or your business to attend a workshop and develop yourself professionally has so many positive results for you.

Powerful, Confident Body Language for Women

In the world of body language, women are often told that if you want to project power and confidence, you need to use powerful, confident body language. You should take up more space and make yourself appear larger than life to claim your place in the world.

Why Personal Branding Should Be Your Focus in 2017

Why is personal branding important? How does it impact your reputation in business? Do you think if you keep your head down and produce good work, others will robotically hand you a promotion? If so, how has this approach worked for you so far?

Conversation Skills Part 2: Comment on The Event

How to start a conversation at a networking event. Last week I shared with you Part 1 of this blog post and video series. Click here to watch the video, “Conversation Skills Part 1: Comment on Your Surroundings”. In business, conversation skills are crucial. You need them to connect, engage, and move the business connection […]

Conversation Skills Part 1: Comment on Your Surroundings

In this video, I share conversation and networking tips for young professionals. Have you ever met somebody for the first time and experienced that awkward silence that looms in the air?

Powerful, Confident Body Language for Elegant Business Women – Part 2

Last week I published, “Powerful, Confident Body Language for Elegant Business Women – Part 1” which addressed the issue of how to convey power while sitting, for example at a business meeting. In today’s blog post and video, I share with you confident body language gestures for women when you’re standing. These tips will be […]

How to Not Waste the First 7 Seconds of a First Impression

Have you ever wondered how first impressions are formed? Or what is the psychology behind first impressions? In this article, I delve into the psychology of how first impressions are formed and help you make a great first impression at work and in your social life.

Free Training: “6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image”

Would you like to know how to create a confident powerful image? I’d love you to join me for a free training session I’m hosting on November 14th, 2014 from 4pm CET (10am EST), 
“6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image”.