How to Choose the Right Wine at a Business Lunch

How to choose the right wine at a business lunch

You’ve been invited to a business lunch, and you’ve been offered to choose the wine. If you’re an expert sommelier, then choosing the right wine to pair with your meal should be a breeze. But most of us don’t have that type of expertise. And when you open up the wine menu, you have absolutely […]

How to Eat and Talk During a Business Lunch

How to eat and talk during a business lunch

If you’ve ever been to an important business meeting that took place over lunch, you’ll know exactly the struggle it can be when you’re trying to eat, talk, and look professional, all at the same time.

Dining Etiquette Tips to Impress Your Valentine


Normally on the Executive Impressions blog I post articles to help to move you one step closer to a confident and elegant executive presence. But with Valentine’s day only one week away (yes, one week!), I want to share with you some practical tips for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Whether you’re organising an evening out with […]

Four Table Manners to Impress During a Business Lunch

4 table manners to impress during a business lunch

Whether it’s a job interview or an important meeting, during a business lunch you are judged on your table manners. Every move you make needs to project confidence and grace. From using the correct resting position for your cutlery, to pouring the right amount of wine in your guest’s glass, showing confidence at the table […]

Five Tips for a Successful Business Lunch

Five tips for a successful business lunch

Business lunches can be stressful. Within the space of one and a half to two hours, you have to impress your client with your business know-how, show off your skills as a gracious host, uphold your professional image and engage in conversation as you cut and chew your food. Let’s be honest, it’s a complicated […]

Add Some French Sparkle to Your Christmas in 6 Simple Steps

It’s that time of year again. You’ve decorated your Christmas tree, you’ve wrapped your gifts, you’ve sent out your cards. Next is your Christmas party planning. If it’s your turn to host this year’s Christmas meal, or even if you host it every year, why not make this year unique. Give your guests something to […]