EP010: How to Say “No”

How to say no with confidence and set boundaries at work. How can you say “no” to others with confidence? Saying “no” to others can be incredibly difficult for emerging leaders and managers.

EP005: 5 Reasons Why You Should Speak Up In Meetings

Why should you speak up in meetings if you’re an emerging leader? One of the biggest barriers to building visibility that I see with my clients is not speaking up in meetings, especially when they have an idea, opinion or suggestion to share with the room.

9 Reasons to Attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass in 2020

Why should you attend the Leadership Presence Masterclass? Taking time off from your job or your business to attend a workshop and develop yourself professionally has so many positive results for you.

How to Improve Your Leadership Presence

Do you want to improve your leadership presence? Do you want to infuse more confidence, power and authority into your business interactions? The reality is, nobody is born a leader. Leadership is something you must learn and develop, one skill at a time.

Conversation Skills Part 3: Tell an Interesting Story

Have you ever been stuck for conversation topics? A great fix to that dilemma is to tell stories in conversation.

Conversation Skills Part 1: Comment on Your Surroundings

In this video, I share conversation and networking tips for young professionals. Have you ever met somebody for the first time and experienced that awkward silence that looms in the air?

4 Ways to Feel More Positive and Confident

How can I feel more positive and confident? Spring in France is a wonderful time of year.

Powerful, Confident Body Language for Elegant Business Women – Part 2

Last week I published, “Powerful, Confident Body Language for Elegant Business Women – Part 1” which addressed the issue of how to convey power while sitting, for example at a business meeting. In today’s blog post and video, I share with you confident body language gestures for women when you’re standing. These tips will be […]

Tap Into Your Executive Power in 5 Simple Steps

Have you wondered how to project more power as an emerging leader? Do you feel that other business people naturally exude power, but you don’t?

The Best from Executive Impressions for 2014

To celebrate the end of 2014, I’d like to share with you a list of popular business etiquette articles on the Executive Impressions website.