41 Habits to Excel at Global Leadership

How do you become a global leader? Skills in global leadership are paramount to success in today’s business world.

Lesson #2: Learn to Adapt in International Business

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Super Simple Networking Tip #3 of 3: What to Do When Your Personal Space is Being Invaded?

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Travel Etiquette: Top 8 Executive Travel Items

Are you looking for travel essentials for a comfortable flight? I recently took a short flight from Lyon to Brussels. Even though this is probably one of the shortest flights I’ve ever taken in my life (1.5 hours), it still reminded me the benefits of being organised for any type of air travel.

5 Common Body Language Mistakes on International Business Trips

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What to Pack for a Winter Business Trip (for Men)

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What to Pack for a Winter Business Trip (for Women)

Are you a wondering what to pack for a winter business trip for women? Your boss has just told you: “You’re going on a business trip”. You immediately imagine exotic travelling, adventure, freedom, warm nights out, and meeting new people.