Body language in the office: how to stay genuine

Body Language in the Workplace: How to Stay Genuine

When you work in an office environment, getting others to like you, know you, and trust you is critically important for your career progression. It’s all about being genuine and authentic. What can help you with this is body language to be genuine in the workplace so the people you work with can relate to you better.

As an etiquette expert, my prime focus is to help you connect better with others, whether those are your coworkers, clients, or friends. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the key area you’ll want to focus on is the body language that you use.

In today’s post, I want to share with you 4 body language tips to appear more genuine and authentic in the office.

1. Show Your Hands

When you reveal open palms, others immediately feel that you’re honest, open, and trustworthy.

So whenever you’re in a business meeting and you want to connect better with others in the room, try to use open palm movements and gestures.

For example, if you’re pointing to something on a presentation slide, use an open hand to point instead of pointing with your finger and a closed palm.

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2. Use Warm Eye Contact

Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and they had that glazed look over their eyes? You probably knew instinctively that person wasn’t really focusing on what you were saying.

Eye contact is such an important part of making connections to others and crucial if you want to convey authenticity.

If you find it hard to achieve genuine, warm eye contact, try imagining a holiday in a warm, tropical island while you’re looking at the other person in the eye.

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3. Face Directly Toward the Other Person

Our bodies will naturally face where our mind wants to go.

If you’re in a conversation with somebody and your shoulders and feet are turned outward instead of directly facing the other person, they will subconsciously feel that you want to be somewhere else.

To appear genuine and interested in another person, make sure your feet and shoulders are facing them.

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4. Genuine smile

You should never leave home without a smile.

A genuine smile, where your whole face and eyes light up will absolutely leave the other person feeling you enjoyed their company and will help to make you feel more relaxed, too.

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Whether you’re leading a team or are just starting your first job, conveying authenticity in the office through your body language will help you create the reputation as somebody who is trustworthy, likeable and genuine.

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