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Access to Free Training: 6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image

On Friday I hosted my very first webinar, and I’m delighted to say it was a wonderful success. The topic I talked about was the “6 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Confident, Powerful Image” and it included a lot of valuable, and practical information for ambitious professionals.

Here is a summary of the topics I covered in this free training:

Mistake #1 – Wearing the Wrong Colour

Mistake #2 – Clothing That’s Too Short, Too Tight, or Too Revealing

Mistake #3 – Bad Posture and Slouching

Mistake #4 – Using the “Upswing”

Mistake #5 – Comparing Yourself to Others

Mistake #6 – Staying Inside Your Comfort Zone

Whenever I offer business etiquette or leadership advice, I always like to give practical tools that you can implement straight away in your professional, or personal life. So, at the end of each section I also included tips on what to do instead to overcome these 6 confidence mistakes.

The training lasts for one hour and it includes a video, slide presentation, Q&A with members of the Executive Impressions community, and some free goodies at the end.

I hope you enjoy!

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