8 Signs You Need to Express More Confidence in the Office

8 Signs You Need to Express More Confidence in the Office

Do you convey signs you need more confidence in the office? In this article, I highlight eight giveaway signs that you do need to convey more confidence at work.

1. You Hesitate to Speak Up at Business Meetings

Business meetings may be the place where you most want to hide. Do you look at your phone during meetings, and pretend you’ve just received an important message? Or maybe you look at your meeting notes to pretend you’re reading.

If you find yourself wanting to be invisible at business meetings so that nobody asks you a question, this is the first sign you might need to express more confidence in the office.

2. You Admire Others Who Wear Confident-Looking Clothes

If you look at other professionals walk through the office and find yourself admiring their confident looking outfits, it’s probably because you want your outfits to stand out a little more, too. There are a few tricks that powerful people always implement in their business wardrobe.

3. You Walk Down the Hallway and Nobody Moves for You

When you walk down the hallway, or a busy street, do you constantly move from left to right to dodge every person who walks toward you? This is a major sign you need to power up your body language and make others move for you instead.

4. You Enter a Room and Nobody Notices You

You feel invisible. Nobody turns their head to greet you when you enter the room. Maybe your outfit blends too much into the crowd. Or, maybe your body language sends the wrong message. Whatever the reason, if this sign resonates with you, you might need to make some changes to your outfit, or body language, or more to help you get noticed when you walk into a room.

5. You Don’t Get That Promotion You Deserve

When it comes to promotion time, you want to be noticed by your boss and your coworkers a lot more than in a normal working week. You have to know what clothes will make you stand out, what body language to use to look confident and what voice is going to make your boss see you as “leadership material”.

6. You Don’t Get That Pay Rise You Ask For

If you walked into your boss’s office asking for a pay rise while using insecure or hesitant body language, of course he/she would not feel compelled to immediately say, “Yes, I’m going to double your salary”. When asking for a pay rise, you have to show that you’re worth it. And confidence will give you that crucial push in the right direction.

7. Nobody Remembers Your Name

To stand out in your company or industry, you have to be memorable to others. And if nobody remembers your name, you’ll forever be known as “the one who works in accounting”. If you express more confidence in the office, others would certainly remember you, and for sure, they’ll remember your name.

8.Nobody Listens to You When You Speak

Finally you work up the courage to speak in a business meeting but only to find that what you say doesn’t impact others in the room at all, and they don’t really listen to you anyway. Perhaps it’s your volume or the words you use. Or maybe you speak with uncertainty in your voice.

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