5 more keys to your professional success

5 More Keys to Professional Success

Last week I posted “5 Keys to Professional Success” on the Executive Impressions blog. The points I talked about were key to business etiquette for professional success. In this post, I continue my list of tips for professional success.

Key #6 – Don’t Forget About Your Grooming

Putting on a sophisticated business suit will only get you halfway to looking like a powerful professional. You also need to put thought into your grooming for a complete professional image.

Ensure your hair is regularly trimmed. If you’re a businesswoman and you get distracted from hair in front of your eyes, find elegant ways to tie it back.

You also want to pay attention to the amount of perfume or cologne that you use. Some people are sensitive or allergic to particular scents, this is particularly true when doing business internationally, so don’t drown yourself in your favourite perfume.

Key #7 – Learn to Accept Compliments

Often when we receive compliments (for our good efforts, or even for wearing a nice outfit), our natural reaction is to immediately negate it with a reply something along the lines of: “Oh, no I don’t really look good in this dress”. 

Accepting compliments can be hard. We don’t want to look like we’re “stuck up” or too proud. 

But accepting compliments with a simple “Thank you, that’s a really nice thing to say” can make you look confident within yourself and also make the other person feel happy they extended kind words to you.

Key #8 – Dine with Class

Business meetings can regularly take place over lunch, so too can interviews. At some stage in your career (if you haven’t already) you’ll have to juggle business conversation and table manners.

In two previous blog posts, “Four Table Manners to Impress During a Business Lunch” and “Five Tips for a Successful Business Lunch”, I talk about napkin etiquette, wine etiquette, and where you should seat your guest to help you navigate your business lunch and dine with class.

Key#9 – Use “Please” and “Thank You” Regularly

Sometimes our professional lives can get so busy that we forget to use the simple phrases that can mean so much to another person: “please” and “thank you”.

To nurture a positive working environment and to contribute to your warmth that I talked about in key #1, don’t forget to thank your colleague who has kindly helped you out with a report that you hurried to finish.

Or a coworker who holds the elevator door open for you a few seconds longer than normal so you don’t have to wait for the next one.

Key #10 – Imagine Yourself Already as a Powerful Confident Person

Visualising where you want to be is not enough. You need to feel that you’re already there. What does your office look like? Who are you working with? What does it feel like to walk to important business meetings knowing that you’ll be the one leading? 

By mentally putting yourself exactly where you want to be and imagining it as though it’s happening right now shifts your mindset and can help you create your own success.

5 keys to professional success

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What strategies do you use to propel yourself toward success in life? Leave your comments in the section below.

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