5 Keys to Professional Success

When it comes to your professional success, many believe their technical skill is the only thing that is important. In reality, there is another element that contributes significantly to your success – your social skills and business etiquette in the workplace.

Over the next two posts, I’ll be sharing with you 10 keys all drawn from business etiquette that can really help you move past your barriers and reach your professional dreams and ambitions.

Key #1 – Radiate Power and Warmth

To be seen as an authority in your company (and with clients), you need to look powerful.

Many career experts talk about this, and I have even focused on this topic in a previous blog post, “Powerful Body Language for Confident, Elegant Women”.

But if you project power alone, and no warmth, it’s easy to come across as somebody who is difficult to connect with.

Try using alluring body language as well as powerful gestures to pull others toward you.

Key #2 – Don’t Partake in Negative Office Gossip

Partaking in office gossip can really damage your professional reputation. In my recent blog post, “Why Gossiping Does Not Belong in the Office”, I outline 5 reasons why gossiping can damage your professional image.

Here’s a summary:

You may be seen as an employee who cannot be trusted with important confidential matters, others in the office will begin to distrust you, you won’t look busy, and the person you’re gossiping to may wonder if you talk that way about them.

Key #3 – Dress Like You’re Already the Boss

There is a saying that is commonly used amongst business etiquette professionals: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

If you aim for a high-level management position, then wear clothes that executives would wear.

This includes not only the style of clothing, but also the colour of your professional attire, as I talk about in “Simple Guide to Executive Colours”.

Key #4 – Practice Powerful Body Language

If you’ve scrolled through the variety of articles I have on the Executive Impressions blog, you’ll find that body language is a topic that pops up often.

I truly believe, and studies have actually shown, that when you project powerful body language you can actually change your mindset from meek and insecure to confident and powerful.

Try some of these body language poses that I talk about in “Five Body Language Secrets for a Powerful, Professional Image”.

Key #5 – Learn About Business Etiquette in Other Countries

Business today is international. Whether you’re working purely in your home country, or you travel internationally for business, you’re bound to come across others who are from different countries and cultures. 

To look like an international business pro, you might want to avoid these professional dress mistakes and body language mistakes on international business trips.

5 keys to professional success
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