3 Reasons to Attend Your Company Barbecue

3 Reasons to Attend Your Company Barbecue

Are you attending your company barbecue? Are you wondering why you should attend? During the summer months, many companies host an annual barbecue, picnic, or other casual gathering for their employees.

These events are organised with the purpose of moving you and your team out of the office and giving you a chance to get to know one another in a more casual and fun atmosphere.

In most cases, you’re not obliged to attend. But shying away from your annual corporate barbecue could cost you valuable points in the company.

Here are 3 reasons why you should attend your next corporate barbecue or summer event.

You Can Talk About Fun Things

Conversations about work projects or business meetings should be saved for Monday morning back at the office.

Relax, you’re at a barbecue, where conversations about sport, family, hobbies and holidays are welcome, and encouraged. Get to know your coworkers on a more casual basis.

What do you have in common with them? Where did they grow up? What do they like to do on the weekends?

You’ll be surprised how your relationships with your coworkers can be revived by such a simple exchange outside the office.

You Can Wear Casual Clothes

Sometimes simply by changing your clothes can change the impression others have of you.

If your work attire is generally quite formal, and you wear suits to the office most days, you’ll probably welcome the opportunity to wear a pair of jeans or your new summer dress to show off your relaxed side.

But remember, when you’re attending a company barbecue, you’re still there to make a good impression. So, no rips, no offensive images or words, no dirty or stained clothing, and no provocative clothing.

Stick to smart casual and I guarantee, your reputation will be safe.

Image courtesy of adifansnet/Flickr.com under Creative Commons licence. No changes have been made.

Image courtesy of adifansnet/Flickr.com under Creative Commons licence. No changes have been made.

Image courtesy of Lacey Faeh from A Lacey Perspective.

Image courtesy of Lacey Faeh from A Lacey Perspective.

You Can Make Valuable Connections For Your Future Career

Even though it’s not a business meeting, or a networking event, a company barbecue still gives you the opportunity to make connections with others who could influence your career.

Strike up a conversation with somebody whom you know has influence on hiring decisions, and get to know them.

Ask about their hobbies, their favourite holidays, or what they do outside of the office. Showing leadership skills at casual events will absolutely get you noticed.

Header image courtesy of James Grasso/Flickr.com under Creative Commons licence. This image was cropped, and graphics were added by Kara Ronin.

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