25 easy to find gift ideas for your coworkers

25 Easy Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Are you looking for gift ideas for coworkers? In this article, I offer you 25 easy gift ideas for your coworkers. In between finalising your end-of-year reports and preparing your schedule for 2014, you may be finding it difficult to think of gift ideas for your family, friends, and for your colleagues.

I know how time-consuming deciding on a gift can be, so I’ve made this process a little easier for you in today’s post.

Here is a list of 25 gift ideas that are fantastic for anybody who is a savvy, ambitious professional.

All these gift ideas should be relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Keep an eye out for them when you’re doing the rounds of your local shopping malls.

  1. A range of coffee mugs – one for each day of the week.
  2. A mixture of home-made or gourmet biscuits for those 4pm breaks.
  3. A range of home-made muffins to enjoy in the morning.
  4. A bottle of white or red wine they can share with their loved ones.
  5. A basket of assorted flavoured coffee to add variety to their week.
  6. A packet of flavoured coffee with chocolate or cinnamon sprinkle powder.
  7. A note pad with an inspirational design.
  8. A packet of hot chocolate (preferably dark chocolate), a packet of marshmallows, presented in a large mug.
  9. A variety of flavoured sugar to put in their coffee or tea (vanilla, caramel, or chocolate).
  10. A mixture of specialty teas because not everybody drinks coffee.
  11. A range of hand moisturising creams; always handy for the ladies.
  12. A bottle of Champagne they can open on Christmas Eve.
  13. A bottle opener because they always seem to go missing.
  14. A bottle stopper with a quirky festive ornament.
  15. An espresso cup with sachets of instant espresso coffee.
  16. An inspirational coffee table book to help them dream.
  17. A business card case so they can store their business cards professionally.
  18. A voucher for the local coffee shop will always be appreciated.
  19. Take them out for a lunch and get to know them better.
  20. A set of ear phones for their mp3 player; it’€™s always good to have a back-up.
  21. A basket of assorted natural juices for those mornings you need a boost.
  22. Roll-on perfume to revitalise without overpowering others.
  23. A desk calendar to keep on top of things.
  24. A box of festive cookies to ignite their festive spirit.

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25. Kara’s eBook, The Ultimate Networking Roadmap: Rise above fear to network with confidence and class! It makes a great gift for ambitious professionals who want valuable business etiquette tips to shine and get results at networking events. Click on this link to learn more about this new product.

Remember what really makes your gift look amazing is the extra care you put in when wrapping it. Choose beautiful paper in a colour that your recipient just loves. Personally, I love yellow, blue, or green when it comes to the colour of gift paper. All of those colours express happiness and will entice festive emotions for your recipient.

What do you like to receive from your colleagues as a gift? Leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. Katherine says

    Personalising your corporate gifts is also a great way to ensure your company stays at the front of your customers’ mind when they use the gift. Great gift ideas!

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