Audio Presentation Kit: Business Etiquette in China and India


Tips and Advice to Boost your Cultural Intelligence and Build a Polished, Professional Image Across Borders.

Whether you’re an established professional or just starting out in the corporate world, you’ve no doubt mastered a good first impression. But what happens when you step into other cultures? What happens when the rules change? You no longer know what others expect of you, and your winning first impression may not attract the response you want.

This Audio Presentation Kit will give you valuable tips and advice to boost your cultural intelligence and help you give the right impression when doing business in China or India. Based on a presentation originally given to professionals in Geneva, Switzerland, we will uncover important cultural nuances and get you one step closer to creating valuable business connections in China and India.

You will learn about four important topics: Business Cards, Handshakes, Dining Etiquette, and Gift Giving. In these four topics we will reveal:

  • The key message you need to convey when exchanging business cards
  • Handshake styles commonly used so you don’t give the wrong impression
  • Seating arrangements during a business meal and table manners to impress
  • Whether it’s appropriate to offer a gift, and a list of suitable business gifts
  • More valuable tips

By purchasing this Audio Presentation Kit on Business Etiquette in China and India, you will receive:

  1. Over 30 minutes of valuable audio packed with tips and advice (.mp3 format).
  2. A presentation slide video combined with the above audio (.mp4 format).
  3. A tailor made Tip Sheet for quick reference (.pdf format).

Click here to listen to a sample of the Audio Presentation Kit: business_etiquette_china_india_sample

Are you ready to strengthen your professional image, boost your cultural intelligence, and impress your colleagues with your global awareness?

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Founder of Executive ImpressionsAbout the Author, Kara Ronin
Kara Ronin is an international business etiquette expert and founder of Executive Impressions. Drawing from 10 years of living an international life, she started the Executive Impressions blog to guide, inspire, and elevate ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs toward an international mindset and an amazing career. Kara offers corporate , university , and one-on-one virtual coaching programs. Her signature programs cover fun and entertaining topics, such as business card protocol in Asia, dining etiquette in Europe, and body language tips for a powerful, professional image. Kara’s advice and unique perspectives have been featured in The Daily Muse, Women 2.0, Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling, Leaders in Heels, The Local France, and more. Take a look around the Executive Impressions site to get fabulous tips on international business etiquette and claim your free gift!


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